EOS Goes New York Times!!!!

Sooooooooooooo, I’m back in from taking a walk around the back forty when I see in my blog comments box, two trackbacks from Natasha Singer, the author of a New York Times article about Pepcid Complete, linking to MY BLOG!!! Well folks, I was stunned.

The article links to me in two places – one, in the first paragraph, the words “on blogs” and secondly, in the third paragraph, “frustration and speculation….consumers”

I’m happy as a clam (or mussel, as you see which article the author linked to). The price of my autograph has just gone up on eBay from one penny to two!! 🙂


8 thoughts on “EOS Goes New York Times!!!!

  1. Yup! now you’re famous and I’m envious!!

    I have been referred to as infamous. Is that about the same thing? 🙂

  2. Hit the big time, you have!! Now you will have to tell all the relatives about your blog.

    1. AA: The NYT article was really far hidden into the bowels of the NYT website. First, you had to go to the Health Section, (and why would you do that?) then moose around there to find it so it’s not as if it made the homepage of the NYT website. That a short way of saying my blog hit chart didn’t go through the roof. And no agents have called!!

      But when finally do become famous and accept the Blogger of the Year Award (hey, is there such a thing?), I’ll remember all the “little people” I climbed over on my way to the top!! WINNING! 🙂

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