Salt Crusted Whole Red Snapper

Tyler Florence Recipe from the Food Network website:

Ingredients: Italian parsley, orange, fresh fennel, bay leaves, shallot, red pepper flakes, fennel seed, olive oil, egg whites, kosher salt....and the fish!
Mixture of parsley, orange slices, fennel, bay leaves, shallot, red pepper, fennel seed and olive oil
Fish stuffed with above orange and fennel mixture

Egg whites beaten to stiff peaks
Kosher salt folded in to egg whites to form paste, spread on fish.
Out of the oven after 35 minutes at 350.
Salt crust pulled off to expose fish.
Ugh. Cleanup on aisle 4.

REVIEW: Ingredient heavy and recipe was very vague about what to do with the orange, peel or not to peel? I also don’t think the red snapper is the right fish for this recipe. It isn’t a meaty enough fish, or perhaps this particular fish wasn’t big enough. Because I didn’t peel the orange, I couldn’t pile them atop the fish to eat, with the fennel and shallot. I’d give it a C. an F. 😦

14 thoughts on “Salt Crusted Whole Red Snapper

  1. i noticed the more photos you took after each process, the blurrier the pictures got. that last one, of the fish done, not your best photographic effort – or perhaps it was an editorial style to let us know you REALLY didn’t like the recipe. from your complaints, sounds like your C grade is high. base it on a curve?

    1. I noticed that last photo of the done fish was out of focus too but by the time I saw it, I ahd already picked the fish apart. No editorial style intended.

      The basic ingredients are good – the orange, the fennel – classic fish components – it was either the execution or the fish wasn’t meaty enough that it failed.

  2. About to be a newlywed in May, I’m always looking for recipes I can add to my “easy and delicious” file. Don’t want to hurt your feelings, but this isn’t it. 🙂

    The salt crust looks horrible, before and after. Why did it turn pink (salmon)? Keep It Simple wins tonights comment contest.

    1. That’s right – you are getting married. I think you mentioned that last fall, around World Series time when we had our bet on the Phillies.

      No feelings hurt. I agree with everyone. And I don’t know why the crust got pink. I thought it was odd. But the fish is called Red Sanpper so perhaps the crust got some color from the fish skin?

  3. I hate it when the dish requires, more prep, more work, more time, and more ditry dishes than its worth. Shame on Tyler Florence. You need “Cooking 1,2,3” by Rozanne Gold – and I quote: “500 fabulous three-ingredient recipes”.

    1. SB: I rarely cook this style. Live and learn. I don’t know Rozanne Gold’s book. Will have to check it out. I tend to cook without recipes, just by eye and sensibility. Looks like I should go back to the basics!!

  4. Your second photo made me think that if the stuffing ingredients were done in a small dice, with only a small amount of the orange’s peel, and then chilled for a few hours, it would have made a refreshing side salsa. I’m baffled by the egg white biz in the salt crust. I think that the web’s proliferation of cooking sites — like the proliferation of news sites — results in a lot of low-quality info. They’re under the gun to say SOMETHING, even if they have nothing to say.

    1. Betty: “Baffled” isn’t EXACTLY the word I had in mind! 🙂 Food Network is usually very good in terms of recipes that are good quality; I printed out six options for a whole sea bass, and funny, one was a Caribbean version where your idea of the dice was a salsa for the fish.

  5. Sound Beacher at 10:03, are you pleased with Cooking 1-2-3? I bought it when it came out, to great reviews, around 15 years ago I think, but haven’t looked at it for almost that long. Something was awry… I think it was a hall-of-mirrors thing, where each of those three ingredients had to be made, first, from three ingredients. If you can suggest a recipe or two you’ve been pleased with, I’ll drag it out and give it a go again!

  6. Hi Betty via eosr: Sorry for the slow reply. I have the 2003 version of the 1-2-3 cook book. Two family favorites at our house are pg 119 Poached salmon with creamy zucchini sauce and pg. 143 Pesto-crusted Chicken breast. They are both good.

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