There’s a Thong in My Heart

Thinking Copa Beach seemed so crowded, after lunch at a local hangout (but breakfast for our bodies, still on USA time, three hours behind Rio time), we…..

….strolled over to Ipanema Beach. Shocked to see the sheer mass of humanity, rather than renting an umbrella and chair, we strolled along Avienda Vieira Souto to take in the sights….and people. We are in the land of the thong bathing suit and our personal opinion is that more women who shouldn’t be wearing the thong are. Mind you, it’s a tad awkward zooming a camera lens at a woman’s behind, but I suppose the locals are used to tourists aiming their camera every which way.

10 thoughts on “There’s a Thong in My Heart

  1. So glad you are there safe and sound. You decided to skip carnivale?

    Love the thong headline and butt floss shots. 🙂

  2. Catherine: Mr. EOS and I debated about who would actually take those photos. He was afraid if HE did, some angry and buff boyfriend would come beat him up. So I did. After all, this IS a lesbian friendly city. 🙂

  3. You know how I like peeps in shots, so this is positively peeps overload,
    not to mention the peeps in peekaboo bikinis!

    You’ll have to post a short video so we can hear what it’s like!

  4. The beach congestion looks like St. Tropez in August. Lots of chunky chicken butt too… not that I can condemn them…. That would be hypocritical.

  5. Catherine at 2:30 beat me to it, but I still I have to repeat the best nickname ever for thongs:



  6. Great photos EOS!
    My god I’ve never seen such a crowded beach. – there’s no room to walk past if you want to swim. I thought people were concerned about skin cancer and avoided laying on the beach but that’s not the case over here …

    After seeing S. American women walking about topless and in thongs on the beach in Miami I thought that was their preferred mode of swimwear… I wonder why these folks cover their boobies?

    1. Rosie: we asked ourselves the very question – about skin cancer. So many people are deep dark tan, the non-good kind, so I too am curious about their incidence of melanoma.

      The crowded beach was unique to Ash Wednesday – school holiday. Today the beach is walkable, although we had so much else to see and do, wew did not choose to make time to stroll.

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