Now If Only They Could Grow a Cauliflower That Doesn’t Stink Up The Whole House…..

I love cauliflower, the nutritionists say its one of life’s super-foods. I make giant bowlfuls and eat it for snacks and have another mound of it with dinner.


But oh boy, does it ever smell. I steamed two large heads of cauliflower this afternoon and put it in the fridge before roasting some of it. Now, not only does the fridge stink, so does the whole kitchen.

P.U. Redux

I’m boiling lemons and cloves to diffuse it. Dawg has moved three rooms away.
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16 thoughts on “Now If Only They Could Grow a Cauliflower That Doesn’t Stink Up The Whole House…..

  1. Google for suggestions on how to reduce the stinky smell when cooking cauliflower. Could be your cooking pot. You may be steaming too much at a time, too- not that I’ve ever read that is a problem. I cook most veggies in the microwave or roast them in the oven now.

  2. Steaming too long is an over-reaction to that dreadful nouvelle cuisine fad of a main course of four warm but raw pieces of vegetable on a plate. Nearly broke a tooth on a broccoli spear back then. Fusion cooking was such a great idea, either.

    1. Swanton: I like my veggies cooked but not mush. Stick a fork through but not break. I always feel sorry for people who swear they hate certain veggies because most likely it’s because they never ate them properly cooked or prepared.

  3. Dunno why but I don’t care for cauliflower, so I can’t tell you about the smell because I don’t cook it. Perhaps that’s why I don’t like it…!

    1. Rosie: Most people I know don’t like cauliflower; it’s one of those ugly veggies that is so easily ruined, like Swanton said, over-steamed to the point that it might as well be baby food. I roasted the cauliflower last night and they were delicious. The house odor seems to have gone but it took forever.

        1. which reminds me Rosie, a long time ago you had a recipe for a quinoa salad you brought to a pot-luck party. I printed it out and it sat and sat and sat until I ventured to buy quinoa. Still not a fan of quinoa per se, but with enough good stuff around it, it was edible. I added broccoli sprouts to mine, as well as some tomato. Note: no one else in the house touched it. For Mr. EOS, quinoa falls into the tofu category – ewwwww.

        2. I’m glad to hear you tried it EOS. As for your mister EOS who doesn’t even want to taste it, I’m sorry for him because he’s missing out on a nutritious tasty meal.

  4. Hi,
    I haven’t heard about the lemons before. I find the smell of onions will smell out a fridge as well, and it takes a bit to get the smell out, we have a lot of barbeques, so of course there is always onions. I will be interested to know if the lemon recipe works inside the fridge.

  5. Roasted cauliflower is amazing. Especially with some garlic cloves thrown in. But, it does stink up the house!

    Ps. My two year old saw your hair shot yesterday and pointed at it and yelled “mommy mommy mommy!” Lol. I wish mine would just go completely grey already – I actually like it:-)

    1. Too too funny Martha. I’m not ready for my hair to go completely gray. On some women it looks great. Me, not as much.

      I roasted my cauliflower with onions and garlic! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  6. Quinoa has a more pronounced flavor than I expected; I thought it would be more like buckwheat. I like to cook it in chicken broth, and then mix in a lot of golden raisins, a lot of toasted nuts, a little oil, and a little chopped scallion, and put it in the fridge for a few hours or (better) overnight. I like it at room temp, my husband likes it cold.

    Maybe different brands of quinoa have different flavors? Anyway, given that you are fond of cauliflower and broccoli–which, to me, are very strong flavors indeed (to put it politely)– I think quinoa is worth a second try!

    1. Betty: just today I made a bulgur wheat salad with almost the identical ingredients you put in your quinoa salad. Quinoa seems off to me, but as you said, perhaps I should revisit it, using a different brand. Any suggestions?

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