A Whole Lot of Miscellany Friday….and A Quiz

Don’t Buy Utopia dishtowels on Amazon. First wash, all the edges shredded. Worthless. Utterly worthless.

And once again, despite calling 100 times to be permanently removed from their mailing list, guess what arrived yesterday. Ugh. Weighs 11 pounds. Not one thing in the catalog I would buy.

Heading to Rings End to order some new combination storm/screen doors. The ones we have now are all wood, with a screen/glass insert depending on the season. They warp, they constantly need sanding and painting. The inserts fetch and are a pain to change seasonally, and in general, way too much effort.

We’ve seen a great storm door made by Larson, with what they call a Screen Away option. It’s really clever. That will work for the kitchen and both back doors, but that leaves an unknown for the beautiful mahogany front door. It needs a screen door badly, for light and cross breeze, but I can’t see putting a metal storm over a mahogany one. It would be a crime.

More peonies for your Friday….

I’ll end with a quiz I call My Dirty Little Secret:

a. Plan to vote for Hillary
b. Watched every episode of the Duggar family show, 19 Kids and Counting
c. Going to buy a Prius
d. Taking a River Boat Cruise

Good luck. No prize, other than having the privilege of seeing me again tomorrow when I will be taking bets for the Belmont Stakes.

26 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Miscellany Friday….and A Quiz

  1. Gorgeous flowers Ms. Green Thumb. So pretty. And beautiful photographs (other than RH catalogue). We did buy a fabulous chandelier from them but their furniture is made for Giant People.

    1. Thanks Toonces.
      Agree re the RH furniture – huge proportions and very heavy besides. The bathroom fixture catalog had some pretty things but a faucet for $987? No thanks. I’ll stick with Kohler.

      Have a good weekend. And thanks for popping by. Now you can see first hand why one of FWIW’s readers called me all fluff. 🙂

  2. Love the quiz! !  We all know you too well.  I can match you on all but one.  I hope to have the opportunity to vote for Hillary.   Sorry! 

    1. Ya know, if Hillary got off her “regular folk” high horse, if she were honest about screwing up Benghazi, if she weren’t so scripted or such a PR machine, I might vote for her.

    2. Missed the quiz – thanks cg. Answer is d. Although b is the fluffier answer, I cannot picture EOSr watching that! Definitely not a. Hillary… oh boy I hope she doesn’t win. No person who says “At this point what difference does it make?” in answer to a serious question about who was responsible for the attack, is qualified to be commander in chief. She allowed an innocent film maker to be jailed and accused in the Benghazi matter. Even though we know he was not responsible in any way… this man is STILL IN JAIL. Hillary should be in jail.

  3. The quiz has me perplexed.

    I know A is out.

    D seems out after your long post about River Cruises, unless Mr. EOS guilted you in to taking one. And that wouldn’t be a dirty little secret.

    That leaves B and C. I can’t see you buying a Prius, so by process of deduction, I’m going to say B, you watch the Duggars?!

    1. The prius is a great little car! My only issue with it is that it is fairly small and light weight and so in a crash you are at a disadvantage. We got ours in 2002. One of the first sold in the San Francisco area. We put a Bush Cheney 04 sticker and it and really freaked people out.

      1. I can see how someone might buy a Prius for city use, especially in SFO or LA but for me, on the road a lot, I don’t see a Prius in my future, ever. Especially if it might give me a disadvantage in a crash! 🙂 It doesn’t match my personality either. I’d be hard pressed to give up my Q5.

        1. When we lived in Marin County EOSr- the chiropractor the hubby went to used to tell him she had TOO many patients she was working on due to injuries suffered in car crashes in a Prius. More weight = safer in many case. Q5 = about 4400 pounds. Very good.

  4. No option in the quiz that’s related to your assiduously following every step of the Bruce-to-Caitlin transformation? Surprised (NOT).

  5. Another vote for the River Cruise. Suggest looking at Tauck, Uniworld and AMA. Viking is too mass market with too many passengers for my taste.

    Andersen makes screen/storm doors that have narrow frames allowing the entry door to be almost fully visible. They have one that makes switching the inserts very easy. I tossed the self storing kind because it obscured too much of the door. Plus, people kept kicking the bottom to open it.

    What rotten luck with those dish towels. Whatever happened to those Irish linen calendar ones? Never a loose thread. Got softer with each washing. Perfect for drying glassware.

    Hate to say it but I have peony envy. I adore peonies. If I ever get a bud to bloom, i’ll be sure to take a picture.

    1. I’ve looked at every brand made of screen/storm and I want just what you said – ones with a very narrow frame so my killer front door isn’t obscured. It would be fine in the winter with the full glass panel, but come summer, with a full length screen and a big dog, we’d have a problem, Houston. Dawg isn’t a jumper but she’s a full-figured gal and I can see the screen having to be replaced often. As for the other doors, I don’t want a full view – I need a half panel or a quarter panel for the dog and grandkids, and pushing open with tons of groceries – practicality.

      1. I know exactly what you mean. Knowing there might be a puppy in our future I had a Dutch door installed.

  6. I’m for Bruce. The internet just reminded how great “Bruce” was at Newtown HS back in 1968. They named the stadium after him, but removed his brand name a few years ago when she, or was it he, refused to pony up for some repairs.

    At any rate, one of my first great jobs in life in summer of ’69 was working for Yale’s econometric forecasting model, with 100 sectors of the US economy. We used to handicap sectors, and for practice also used our supercomputers to handicap both horses and jockeys at Aqueduct.

    So the Belmont is serious business this year. Here’s my seat-of-the-pants guess:
    Win 20%, Place 30% , Show 30%, Out-of-the-money 20%.

    Odds via Sportsbook.ag

    1. Mubtaajih 12/1

    2. Tale of Verve 16/1

    3. Madefromlucky 12/1

    4. Frammento 25/1

    5. American Pharoah 2/3

    6. Frosted 6/1

    7. Keen Ice 20/1

    8. Materiality 6/1

    1. I did not know that about Bruce. Newtown CT? Or Newtown elsewhere? I’m not sure I’d want to be forever responsible for repairs of something that a town decided to name for me.

      Thanks for the odds EI. I wish I were attending. I adore Belmont Raceway and as a horse junkie, I could spend all day every day at the track and never get bored. Race horses are to animals as peonies are to flowers. Incredibly special.

      I always have bourbon on hand and today got lemonade and pomegranate juice to make the official drink for the race, the Belmont Jewel. Aaaaaaand, they’re off!

  7. Swanton is right. Linen towels only. They last forever. I have some that are twenty years old. I’m surprised you don’t have any.

    B. Closet Duggar watcher. I’ll admit to watching both wedding episodes.

    Swanton wins the comment award. Peony Envy. LOL!!

    Thanks EI for the Belmont odds. Even though I won’t win a lot of money, I’m still going for Pharoah to win.

  8. Your peonies look beautiful and they survived the heavy rains. That is a tough quiz. Not a or d; you love your Audi but maybe with all the driving you’re going with a Prius. I don’t see you spending that much time –all of the shows? HMmm, did you win a free trip on a river cruise and are changing your mind about them? ( The Michael McDonald concert was great last night it was the first one of his summer tour. He was better than the Doobie Brothers when they played at the Greenwich Town Party last month. imho Tarrytown was rockin!)

    1. SB: Thanks for the Michael McDonald review. He’s like an Energizer bunny – just keeps going and with such a gravelly voice to begin with, you’d think his vocal chords would just give out.

      When we saw him a couple of years ago, we paid for VIP tickets that got us a 2-second meet and greet. I felt like a 12 year old, totally ga ga over him. Not too embarrassing. And when he sang my favorite song, I was singing along, word by word, feeling the people around me giving me the evil eye – but 99% of the ticket holders were my age.

      Were you the average age of last night’s concert goer? My kids love him but only because they’ve had to listen to him and the Doobies their whole lives! 🙂

      1. The clip you have here is making him look young, his hair is all white, but he sounds great and had a really good band. The crowd made me feel young, lots of old fans, literally! We were in the cheap seats up stairs and it’s a long set of steep stairs in the old theater The bar is on the mezzanine level and you can drink during the show. Made me wonder how many fall down the stairs to go home?!

  9. Okay, you’ve said no way to voting for Hillary.
    You’ve said no to buying a Prius.
    That leaves the river cruise, which you have yet to deny, and watching The Duggars.

    I’m going with the Duggars. When do we get to know?

    Go American Pharoah.

  10. Unless this is a complete head fake, the answer has to be D … not because it’s so obvious, but because it wins the analysis of “least unlikely”!

    a) EOS vote for Hillary? Methinks not! However, EOS, wherever your leanings are, please don’t do anything to propel Huckabee to the head of the pack. As much as I dislike his point of view on most everything, I must acknowledge that he is in fact smart, affable, and in his governorship he was sometimes commendably brave. But he is not presidential material. Not even remotely. Hey, I live here, I’m allowed to say that.

    b) A Duggars devotee? If that is indeed the correct answer, please please please keep it to yourself. Forever! Did I mention I live here, so I’m allowed to say that?

    c) Priuses: I had a back-and-forth with one of your readers about Priuses a few years back, and I lost resoundingly. In my case I pled that our crime of owning a Prius was mitigated by also owning a BMW M-class, a lumbering midsize SUV, and a 1971 Mercedes 280-SL. Can a car just be a car, not a “statement,” I asked? Ixnay.

    d) the river cruise! Looking forward to the pix.

    1. Me, a Huckabee fan? Over my dead body. No worries there. Nor Santorum. I’m a notch to the right of middle of the road politically, to the way right fiscally, and a notch to the right of center on social issues, but not whack-a-mole religious right. I’m not a fan of Planned Parenthood yet believe a woman has a right to abort but not late term, unless there’s a medical reason.

      I have yet to find myself a candidate – no one out there really speaks to me yet.

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