Quick, what is this?


FRIDAY 6:30am: No. Line still dead. I’m guessing after their dinner break they decided, hey, it’s hot out, let’s bag it. It’s only this house and what could they care? Someone at Verizon is going to get an earful today. This is 100% insane.

Update Thursday evening 8:45p: Nope. Nada. Zippo. Don’t even see trucks anymore.

Update on the Phone Thursday 6:30p: I walked down to get the mail. Two huge Verizon trucks parked two driveways up. One a bucket truck. Parked. Off. No one in it. The second, a truck that must house all the cable. Running by some self-contained generator. Again, non-manned. Must be union dinner time. I figure a length of fiber optic cable has been compromised, but only damaging my phone line. Who me, paranoid?

THURSDAY MORNING 8:33a: No working phone. I called Verizon about 7:30 last night for an update. The man to whom I spoke told me the repair guys are not required to check in at the end of the day to post any updates on the progress of an open ticket. I saw two Verizon trucks near my house yesterday afternoon around 4:30 and stopped one to ask if he was working on my line. I got a vague non-response – maybe they aren’t allowed to answer such questions unless I present myself as the homeowner? ANYWAY, one man said they found the spot where the line was cut, not far from me, and that’s the last thing I heard. I asked the Verizon repair center if they work overnight or if I would be first on the list this morning to continue work until problem is resolved. Um, each question was answered, “I don’t know.” Thanks Verizon.

WEDNESDAY 7PM: After a full day of a series of Verizon repair men inside, outside and all over town, I still do not have a working landline. They seem to think my line, and my line only, snapped inside the length of phone cable that runs from my house to their hub. Where it broke is still yet to be determined. I did have the forethought to forward my landline into my cell and now know what time my new washer and dryer are coming tomorrow, but it’s a pain that all the new technology today and some dumb squirrel probably chewed through the cable and undid me.

If you guessed landline, you are over 60. See, I said it was foolproof.

No millennial owns a landline – they are for old fogies like me. And I use mine all the time….Until today when the landline went dead. Dead as a doornail. I called out from the landline twice this morning and it worked fine. There’s no huge thunder/lighting storm to have knocked it out. So I’m not sure what would cause the whole system to fail for no discernible reason. Actually, I didn’t know the line was dead until the doorbell rang and it was a man here to measure for curtains. I said, Dan, I didn’t know you were coming today and he said I tried to call and your phone went to some strange message so I came over on the chance you’d be home. 

I called Verizon and it seems the problem is in the FIOS box that I have in the utility room.


See the red light on the bottom? That says FAIL. The Verizon tech guy had me reset the panel, but it failed again.

First available appointment to repair? Mañana. So if you know me and want me to reach me, call me on my brand new jazzy cell phone. 


34 thoughts on “Foolproof Age Test- UPDATE REDUX REDUX REDUX REDUX REDUX

  1. Who do you bother with a landline? Especially you with more than one house. $$$$ wasted a year.

  2. I called verizon yesterday to cancel my landline service after 31 years. They said if I didn’t know my account number with them, they couldn’t help me. I said, really, if I have paid you all these years for my landline number and you cannot figure out who I am, we have a problem.

    I told them I was recording this call for quality assurance, and they said they would have to hang up on me for that, because it was not permitted. I told them I was permitted to record my own calls, but the line went dead just then.

  3. Wow, what a story Earthimage!

    I’m not yet 50, but we have a landline. Cell coverage is the pits, and hubs works from home, so there you go. I pretty much don’t answer any phone though, I have come to view them as intrusive😳

  4. The story gets better, or worse, depending on your view of Ma Bell. For years we had very bad static on the line during wet weather. Mind you, we live within 500 ft of the fibre-optic cable data backboneof the Northeast corridor. When FIOS first became available, I was the first kid on the block to sign up. Problem solved.

    But for years the installation dept of FIOS was not communicating with the billing side of FIOS, and so for years I was not billed. (You would think they could pick up the phone and call.)

    Finally the jig was up, and by then it was time to switch to Vonage. But Vonage couldn’t get my phone number of decades standing, because Verizon said they cancelled it. So I finally settled with Verizon. If I agreed to add services, they would “find” and restore my number.

    Well it’s come to an end. The co-ax cable companies have put the stranded-pair phone companies nearly out of business. But the fibre-optic guys have pulled the plug on cable co-ax technology. And just when you were getting used to the fibre-optic FIOS box- dead battery beep warning all night long, wireless streaming takes over. Good-bye record business. YouTube routinely violates copyright infringement of recording artists. So as you drive down the interstate, with your smart phone set to voice control of YouTube (bluetoothed into your car Bose audio system) you can call out song names to your phone, and play stump the (YouTube) band all-the-way there.

    In another chapter of techno-revenge, Wells-Fargo just e-mailed me to beg me to sign up for more commercial services. But they included their entire customer marketing list in the CC box. I thanked them for sharing their business prospects list with me and all their other customers, but declined on data security grounds to accept their offer.

    I use sidekick to track email openings and forwards, who, when and where. It’s free for 200 tracks per month, or $10 unlimited. (PS- I get a free month for everyone of you who signs up!) It’s very entertaining to watch something go viral.

  5. I naturally did the reply-all to Wells-Fargo, so now my inbox is going crazy with their annoyed customers, who share my feelings for their methods.

    My worst experience with Wells-Fargo marketing dept was on the third night after Sandy – still howling winds, freezing temps and no heat or power for three days. We’re huddled after dark under blankets, when my dying cell phone rings. Well-Fargo calling from Arizona at 9 pm at night wants me to cash out of my 0.9% car loan from Chase, and accept their 8% re-finance offer. No thanks, but thanks for asking anyhow.

    But this was about the phone company. Great post, but your Lucent stock says it all.

    1. Three Days???? Who do/did you know so high up the food chain at CL&P to get restored that quickly?

      1. The old adage “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” worked for me. Each tech guy was nice and tried to help. It was the trifecta of human error that kept me phoneless for so many days. I’ll get a credit. Mark my words.

  6. Landlines are truly required for alarm/fire systems, especially for vulnerable homes surrounded by woods, where the squirrels may take over anytime while Dawg is away!

    As CF has stated many times, the Dog is simply the best alarm system hands down.

    I can remember when I had three Verizon lines at home; Personal Line, Business Line, and Fax Machine line. It was actually great to have so many phone lines back when peeps used to actually make phone calls, subsequently replaced today by e-mails, the text and the PDF.

    Remember the crank activated wall phone at “Lassie”s farm home?

    Foolproof Age Test:
    Here is the Lassie Telephone Episode on UTube:

    Lassie – Episode 81 – “Party Line” – Season 3, #16 (12/23/1956)

    Watching it immediately.

    1. Funny you should mention the alarm company as a component to needing a landline. I suspect someone will call me on my cell phone tonight when they try and fail to dial in to the system, which they do every night.

      Dawg is very intimidating when she barks and I never ever told construction workers she was a lamb. I wanted them to fear her. She’s a remarkable first line of defense, unless you offer her a bone first! 🙂

      We had three phone lines too; the kids had one; one was the fax, and the other us. We deep-sixed the kids line when the last one went off to boarding school. I kept the fax line for no apparent good reason until about two years ago. Our three phone numbers were sequential so that was hard to lose. I convinced my mother to cancel her fax line and we threw away her vintage fax machine that did nothing other than collect dust. I think I’ve said this here before but my first fax machine cost well over $1000.00. Like what was I thinking??

      Classic Lassie clip. Thanks. Lassie is on some oldie TV channel regularly – ME TV maybe? I loved the show as a kid.

    2. Good point about the alarm needing the phone line. I wonder when that technology will change and cost me $5000…

      I think I feel a homeschool Lassie lesson coming on!

      1. Lots of alarm systems can operate over wireless tech, just needs battery backup.

        1. My alarm system does work by wireless radio when it senses the landline is not working. I called the alarm company to make sure the backup was actually working. Yes.

  7. I have still have a land line – spouse won’t let it go….but for good reason – needs it for long biz calls.

    1. I bet a key factor in keeping a landline is based on if you work from home. Martha said it’s a must for her husband.
      You’ll have to pry the land phone out of my cold dead body before I give it up.

  8. We still have a landline too. The phone doesn’t look quite like that though. I remember that phone and I am under 60. Which tells you I am not under 50 or I would have said so 🙂

    1. I wasn’t bothered by 50. I wasn’t even bothered by 60. 65 didn’t settle well- it just sounds old! And that was two years ago. My sister is going to be 71 in July. Now that really DOES sound old. But my mother, at a very young 97, uses her age to every advantage she can take. I hope I know that pleasure one day.

  9. After our landline (a fixed $60 component of our big-ass ATT bill!) failed twice during severe storms when I expected it to be the one thing that worked, I let my techno spouse switch our landline number to our cable carrier. Connections are usually so crackly and crappy, it’s better to use the cell …

    But …
    It’s still useful to own the number. ALL longstanding credit card and bank and brokerage and insurance accounts remain pleased to easily ID us when we call from that number … even if they can’t hear us all that well.

    1. Lots of people have gone to having a phone number provided by their cable company. I actually have one, but only in the sense that I get a better cable price with the three components- TV, Internet, and phone. I don’t know the number. I never intend to use it. My next door neighbor uses a cable phone number and the problem is when the cable goes out, so does her phone.
      There’s also, like you mentioned, the cachet of owning your own detectable phone number, here in Bedford that means the MUST 234 prefix. Who me, a phone snob?
      It’s all one big money racket. What we pay in cell phones, land lines, cable bills and internet I could send another child to college!!!

  10. Update to my Verizon Saga:

    (Setting. I request land line cancellation after 31 years. Verizon tells me that with my name, address and phone # they are unable to locate my account, and therefore cannot process my order. Two days later, this email arrives. How did they know who to email? Why does a request for cancellation hit a brick wall? Enough already!)

    Dear Valued Verizon Customer,

    Thank you for your recent call to Verizon. We know convenience and flexibility are important to you so Verizon offers several tools to help you do business with us when and how you want.
    The Verizon on-line user guide illustrates all the ways you can manage your Verizon account and services so that you can:

    Choose the service preferences that meet your needs

    Get easy access to sales and service 24/7

    Simplify your life with convenient quick links and menu options for numerous transactions and much more

    Please take a moment to bookmark this guide and learn all the ways you can manage your account – from your computer, on your TV, on your phone or even in one of our stores.

    Your Verizon Team

    1. EI, that’s Insane. Absolutely insane. Do you have options for phones in Florida that don’t include Verizon?????

      I got a Verizon robo call last night asking me to REVIEW the work done by the first tech. You know, the survey “will only take two minutes”. Don’t they know the problem isn’t solved? I guess not. I hung up.

      1. Cablevision is NOTORIOUS for their survey calls and if you don’t respond and answer, they will keep calling until you DO. Every store wants the consumer to log in and take a survey. Target, A&P. Do they think we are that stupid not to realize it’s simply a ploy to get our email addresses to sell?

  11. I have a two-line Vonage Router that plugs into any internet, or that I can hot-wire to wifi. So my business landlines travel with me, even in the car using my trusty Verizon Hot-spot. The old router (VDV22) had a caller-ID window. The new router (VDV23) does not, but sends the CID through to the phone hand-set. Quality is great, but depends on an internet link.

  12. Running a Vonage router off a Verizon hot-spot just feels like the universe has come round right. Verizon is the national carrier in Dominican Republic, whose country code is also “1.”

  13. I can’t get Laugh In, Lily Tomlin, Ernestine and “We don’t care, we’re the phone company” out of my mind. If I knew how to link a video of it, I would.

  14. you go girl – give em hell, for yourself – and while you’re at it, put in a few choice words for what earth image went through.

  15. I just spent 20 minutes with Verizon (on my Vonage/Brighthouse line) about my cancel order. They decided to raise my FIOS bill to $98 per month, invoke contract cancellation charges, equipment charges and will be billing me for several more months. I can only lower my blood pressure by watchting this, with its embedded MCI ad:

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