Fescue Farce Frustrates Frenzied Fans

If you are a golfer, or even if you are not but are trying to watch this years US Open from Washington State, you are probably not alone complaining about the look of the course.

The brown dead appearance is on purpose. Go figure. Here’s why the grass isn’t greener. But Chambers Bay is supposed to be different, and it’s supposed to be brown. Most of the course is made of what’s called fescue grass, which grows slowly, requires less water, and is drought-resistant, says NPR.

The pros aren’t too keen on the course either and not being shy about saying so on their social media accounts.

The worst golf course I might’ve ever seen in the 63 years as a professional golfer…..
Said Gary Player re this years Open at Chambers Bay… The USGA, who I admire and have chosen great golf courses in this great United States of America — they’re preaching speed of play. Enjoyment. User-friendly. This golf course here, if you’re a 10-handicap, you couldn’t break 100 if you had the best day of your life. They’ve got pros putting from 20 feet and hitting the ball 20 foot to the right, a man misses the green by a yard and he’s 50 yards down in the valley. I mean I don’t understand it.”

Add to the fol de rol that Fox Sports is airing the weekend event with snoozefest anchors like Joe Buck and egomaniac pretend doctor Greg Norman, and you have a good reason to scream at the TV.

Golf's worst broadcasters
Golf’s worst broadcasters

Fox is getting an earful about its coverage. The USGA hearing it about the choice of course. So what better timing than to have photos of a real golf course, The Westchester Country Club in Rye where Sound Beacher volunteered last week at the Women’s PGA event.

This is the leader board before it all begins..

The first tee (but the word was they actually switch the first hole on the course from how the members play, the 1st became the 10th and the 9th became the 18th.)

I really liked Michelle Wei’s bag, she had a big following throughout the tournament. She didn’t play great, but she wore a golf dress on Sunday and looked great, she’s six feet tall. She’s been have injury problems as you can see she’s wearing a brace on her ankle and her hip is taped up and it was her him that cause he to withdraw from the tournament before this one.


Over on the putting green you have your pick of putters

Here is an interview going on now with Jessica Korda, oh and look at her golf bag, more sponsors


Hole #8 the announcers on TV kept calling it the most challenging hole on the course. A lay up before the water and a dog leg left to the green. I got to see Inbee Park tee off there. I didn’t ask her for a photo, but other did and I should have since she 3-peated her win of this tourney!! Can I take a mulligan on that decision??

The neighborhood, what a location.

Happy Father’s Day too, to all you men who are there for your kids.

Here’s a gem of me as a dorky kid rocking a headband with dad rocking his RayBan’s. Vintage 1959, Zion or Bryce.

49 thoughts on “Fescue Farce Frustrates Frenzied Fans

  1. There has to be a million Caddyshack jokes for this post. RIP Rodney Dangerfield. He was a master of the one liners.

    Happy Fathers Day to my fellow dads here. Toughest job on the planet.

    1. Toughest job on the planet.

      Very true. I lean on God heavily to help me raise three boys by myself. My wife died two years ago and I pray I am doing right by Him, and them.

  2. EOSr –

    I am posting this anonymously so no one knows it’s me. Now that I self-identify as a Chinee, I AM A NINJA!! STEALTH POSTER!! But for some reason, I am now hungry all the time.

    Anyhows, why would anyone want to watch dykes on spikes? Now that doesn’t mean I don’t like to watch woman’s sports. But golf is not one of them. Gymnastics? Women’s sport!! Although my thoughts while watching them could get me 10 years to life.

    Swimming? DEFINITELY!! WNBA? NO NO NO!! Tennis? Of course, but I think they should play it in their bra and panties. And have a tickle fight afterwards. Who wouldn’t watch that?

    Soccer? Of course!! Who doesn’t want to score a goal on Hope Solo? That crazy little wench. She is a hottie, but she swat’s balls away for a living. So that is kind of a turnoff.

    But womans curling is the best!! Have you ever seen the Commie team?


    They know how to sweep. They are hot. And they still have all their teeth. What is not to like?

    Happy Fathers Day to all.

    Your Pal,

    1. Women golfers are a pretty sorry lot for the most part – and it’s too bad that so many look and dress like guys to ruin it for the few who are beautiful and talented. The LPGA needs a PR firm to redefine them, fast. I don’t watch women’s golf.
      The WNBA, well, there’s an even stranger lot. Have you followed the story of the two women pros who married, then one asked for an annulment the next week, said she was forced to say she was a lesbian when she was not? Can’t make this stuff up.

      Me, I don’t care as long as you are a good athlete.

      And Anonymous, Happy Father’s Day to you (and we all hope Chris is somewhere with his kids today).

  3. I was so angry at the Fox coverage of the Open I called the network. Their first “press one” response was “to share your opinion about the Open coverage.” It’s impossible to see the ball against the brown – there’s no contrast. It’s one thing, like Gary Player said, to have a very challenging course – and quite another to be stupidly designed.

    I can’t be with my kids today – they are in the northeast and we are in Florida but Skype does wonders to make a dad feel proud.

  4. Women’s golf is boring, not because of so many are lesbians, that’s unimportant, but because there’s no drama in their sport. They hit the ball like, um, girls. I remember as a teen in the 1960s watching a woman’s tennis match – it was worse than watching paint dry. Mostly lobs. Then the Chris Everts of the tennis world came in with the two-handed back hand and the game changed. It went too far for my liking – the Williams Sisters are too strong. Agree that the LPGA needs a PR overhaul. The photos are good though SB. Thanks.

    1. it’s all about money. the pros in women’s sports, no matter golf, basketball or curling* (!), don’t get the sponsors, don’t get the viewers, don’t get the advertisers. they could be the best players on the planet but if no one watches, then it’s like if a tree falls in the forest…..

      *who IS this character writing as Anonymous? You know him EOS?

      1. Austin: it depends on what the meaning of “know” is. Anonymous is not known to me personally, only tangentially, as a fellow commenter on the blog I’ve mentioned, FWIW. Anonymous, as he calls himself here, is a rebel with many causes and a jaunty raconteur with a bit of a lovable lech side. In other words, he’s part Tyrone F. Horneigh and part Glen Quagmire. Let that image sink in! 🙂

    1. Martha, I wish I still had it but when I was in middle school, I had to write an entire essay using alliteration, then another using onomatopoeia. Of course, that was in the way back days when kids were taught to parse a sentence, we memorized poems, we had to write in cursive, and knew what an adverb was.

  5. savvy move by the USGA. make the venue unappealing to stay below the radar of the social justice warriors and their merry band of handheld video making miscreants.

  6. Hey, I come back and there’s a photo of you and your father. Thanks for posting it. Who took the photo?

  7. Chambers Bay could be the location for a Starwars movie. I’ve watched very little of this tournament.
    Nice photo of you and your Dad. Can you locate the kid with the drum picture again?

    1. Or Jurassic Park. Not watching at all. I’ll have to read about who wins in the paper tomorrow.
      Probably could find that silly photo of me on the drums. It truly defines my personality.

    2. We are watching the Open, on and off, on just as Billy Horschel lit into the USGA for choosing Chsmbers Bay. He said he lost some faith in the organization. Said the greens were not playable. Good for him to speak out.

    1. Actually I look more like my mother – fair haired and no olive complexion like my father has. My nose is less like dad’s beak now (after the doctor said I had a deviated septum, wink wink)!

  8. you should have a “Guess the Car Contest” that motored you there. your dad looks pretty no-nonsense, but, with an eye for style and willing to spend a little extra.

    my guess: ’57 Olds Starfire Convertible

    1. My dad’s job gave him eight weeks mandatory vacation every couple of years (high stress position) so the summer of this excursion, we were gone a good month. We flew to Denver, rented a station wagon there, drove to all the national parks. At some point we hopped a train to Salt Lake City and then flew to LA where we ended the trip at the brand new DisneyLand. My parents were travel junkies and by the time I was 18, I’d been almost everywhere. Lucky me!

      Growing up in Delaware where GM ruled because duPont was there and duPont provided all the paint to GM then, my dad always had Chevy’s, he picked them out, mom got no say. He came home once with a fire engine red Chevy station wagon, maybe 1960/2** (?) with the wide fins and my mother was apoplectic. She thought it looked like a fire engine.

      I covet my grandmother’s car the most, she had a mid-to-late-1950s PINK Buick Roadmaster. The car must have weighed ten tons.

      **Must have been earlier than 1960s. This is what I remember dad brought home for mom!! He bought HIMSELF a Corvette though, a slick 1964 number. No chauvinism there!

      1. You had an amazing travel childhood . By all accounts you should be spoiled yet you seem very grounded and “normal”, not snobby.

        1. What a commercial. You suppose Don Draper produced it??? It has everything. The little woman and the groceries. The dad who wields the wallet. The sibling rivalry. No transracial. No transgender. No feminazis. What a different era. It’s unrecognizable by today’s craziness.

        1. I lived in a time when I didn’t question that my mother stayed home and my father was the wallet. My mother was happy. We were happy. Life was good. Dad wanted a Corvette? Sure, mom would say. He works hard. I just think mom would have preferred a car not so shiny red. She didn’t keep it long so she had some say. Hey, they were married 67 years before dad died so what they had worked.

      2. Was your dad at GM? Or DuPont? My dad was at GM in Michigan and he brought home all sorts of prototype electric cars (c. 1970-77). I remember him plugging them in in the garage. I wonder if I can find any old photos anywhere….

        Ps, my moms peonies are just about to pop here in northern Michigan. Some of the neighbors must use miracle grow, because theirs are in full bloom while hers are mostly tight buds. I think one will go tomorrow. 🌸 (no peony emoji the horror!)

        1. my dad was at DuPont.
          Wow, those photos of prototype electric cars are likely valuable enough to put your kids through college. I’d hunt them down.
          Lucky you to be out of hazy hot and humid Connecticut and cool crisp UP/Michigan. Some of the prettiest countryside in s of America.
          Enjoy her peonies!!!!!

  9. Regarding the wonderful photo of you and your father … a) you don’t look nerdy, b) you do look like you tanned well, and probably still do tan well. Also, those sunglasses look so natural on your father’s face, it reminds me of how the self-conscious-retro-hipster types who pay big bucks for retro sunglasses just plain flat out DO NOT GET IT RIGHT!

    1. LRR: I don’t tan as well as my sister who has the olive skin tone like my dad. I’m fairer and have burned. We used to FRY ourselves as teens with one part baby oil to one part IODINE. Give me two weeks in Barbados where I can gradually tan and yes, I too could identify as black.
      My dad was über cool before cool was invented. I never once heard him lose his temper or yell. When I did something wrong (and it was ALWAYS me, not my goodie two shoes sister), I’d get a lecture that he was disappointed in my behavior. Ouch.

  10. I’m embarrassed to admit it took me until Chris’s site was down to see whT your blog is all about. You have a great site and lots of fun conversation.

    1. Welcome. I am nothing like Chris’s blog, do not have his audience of millions, do not have his reading acumen nor his ability to find just the right photo for a blog post, but yes, we few have fun.

  11. NOW the Open is getting good. 10p. Speith double bogeyed 17 to tie Oostheusen at 4 under. Get out the popcorn. Hope you are watching.

    We’re rooting for Spieth.

      1. Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. Felt badly for Dustin to lose by three-putting. That has to sting. For such an awful course and even worse coverage, the Open pulled off one doozie of a finish.

  12. That is just fantastic! Great mash-up of themes and so cool to watch. Very funny computer, too!

  13. http://www.golflabs.com/home.html
    I think it was all new to Rory. Apparently it was filmed in Florida, here is some more info. I had to go search for it. It really is hysterical and Rory seems a good sport about it all. Great clip Chris R.

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