Location! Location! Location?

I saw a gorgeous house for sale in yesterday’s special home insert of the Wall Street Journal that made me run to look up the listing. The house is on the ocean. $6.2 million. Madison, CT. Yes, I could do that.

Very Nice.

Separate Guest House. Very Nice.

Beach Cabana. Very Nice.

Private Beach. Very Nice.

Killer back patio. Very Very Nice.

The interior is equally gorgeous. Perfect condition. Pristine beach. What’s not to love? Uh oh. Using Google Earth is always the first rule of home shopping.

That’s the Madison Beach Club right next door and I mean RIGHT next door. Looks like privacy is not so much from June to September. And wedding weekends too.

From the listing: The 1.6 landscaped acres include hydrangea, ornamental grasses, roses, butterfly bushes and 30 arborvitae designed to add further privacy to the home while enhancing the view.

I’ve been to the Madison Beach Club and it’s wonderful. Great family vibe. Sailing. Tennis. Everything. It’s joyfully busy all summer long, the way it should be.

So here’s the question. If you love this home, what compromises would you be willing to make to own it? We all draw the line at something. Some won’t live on a busy street or next to the train. But would I want to have a busy beach club next door to me after spending $6.2? After all, the beach club is only open from mid June to Labor Day. I would not. Maybe I’m in the minority, I’m not sure. The house is awfully nice.

I bet the real estate listing agent is hoping you disagree with me and is anxious for you to tour this home….. let’s say, around October 1 when the club is closed and quiet, but before hurricane season. 🙂 Just saying….

55 thoughts on “Location! Location! Location?

  1. I’d pass too. Speaking from experience, Beach clubs are notorious for teens looking to get off the club property to have a drink and a smoke. They’ll park themselves on the two benches on your “private beach”. They’ll leave litter and who knows what else. $6.2m is hefty for hordes of kids on your stretch of the beach.

  2. The beach club isn’t that big a deal for me. I’d rather the fun and noise of happy kids and families than I would trucks 24/7 on I-95.

  3. I wouldn’t mind the beach club next door at all but the issue for any out of town buyer would be getting in the club. Membership requires the usual hoops- sponsorship and interview. Not that you’d have to join but it would be fun to live next door to a club where you could stroll home from dinner and drinks. I vote yes.

    1. Having attended a number of pool parties at beach clubs like this back in the 60’s, picking up my children & their friends after similar pool parties and being a member of RPC back in the 80’s & 90’s, I’d take my $6.2 somewhere else. The adult parties tend to get a just a little on the far side of noisy, too. I guess I treasure my peace & privacy too much. However, if you buy it I’ll happily visit for a week or so. The guest cottage will do nicely.

      1. Here in Miami we live near, too near my wife says, a beach club. What I find in my yard Sunday mornings is pretty awful. Throw up, condoms, beer bottles. The kids climb over the dunes to have sex or smoke pot and then go back to the club with no one the wiser, except me. I’ve spoken to the club manager but there’s really nothing he can do.

        I’m with Anonymous above. Take your $6.2 elsewhere.

  4. The hotel down the street is an equal or greater noise issue than the beach club. Hotel guests can stroll the beach late at night and might not be as polite or courteous as the club members. Two thumbs down for buying this.

  5. I couldn’t get past the club noise, even though it’s seasonal. The parking lot is the worst because when people leave they get loud.

  6. i think not.
    poor site design for a house built in 2ooo next to a club that had been in operation for 60 years.
    poor entry sequence (too many garage doors, too much paving).
    poor placement and massing of guesthouse in relation to main house.
    neighborhood that appears to be in transition (where’s my peeps?)
    weird feeling of being hemmed in by a parking lot and a slough all year long.
    the cabana is just in the way.

    1. I had similar thoughts. When I first saw the listing photos I thought the guest house was a neighbor. Too large in comparison to main house. The garage doors could be improved to be more carriage house-like. These are too cutsy and send the wrong tone.
      Looking at Google Earth, there seems to be a culvert or swath of wetlands to the right of the house such that the building had no choice but to abut the beach club. I am surprised there wasn’t more of a property line setback required for a new build. I would have opted for One house, centered in the property, give up the guest house.
      There’s a massive new house two down so I think the neighborhood is mixed. As someone said, the hotel is a worse neighbor than the beach club.

  7. My command of geography is marginal, but Madison is on the Long Island Sound, right? NOT to be confused with the actual Atlantic Ocean expanse that (I think) you have in RI. Subtract at least $2 m.

    I agree with Peter in Miami … immediate proximity to a beach club = badly behaved teens, looking for a place to *** insert bad behavior here.***’ (Been there, done that, albeit decades ago. So have most other readers, I suspect.)

    Also curious about motives of who commissioned the house, and who is selling it now, and why.

    Keep this landlocked reader posted!

    1. You are correct that Madison is on the Sound – not exactly shabby, but I’m guessing the residents of Sound houses have far less interference from home insurance companies and Towns re set backs and flooding worries, not to mention hurricanes. In that regard, the house in Madison, if not situated next to the club or down from the hotel, might be worth more. A gorgeous view, but protected from the hazards of the open ocean.

      I’m having this vision of a younger RLRR misbehaving!! I bet we would have been friends in crime and your mother would have told you not to hang out with the likes of me! 🙂

      I am curious too about who built the house and why its on the market. I’ll do some digging.

    1. I love a modern house but that one does NOTHING for me and I mean NOTHING. I’d rather stick to the traditional, and spend TWICE the $6.2 budget and get this one. It has two houses on the property (but this listing only shows the main house – there’s also 102b that can’t be sold separately). It’s been for sale a long time, and my recollection is that it started up closer to $20m (I may be wr-wr-wr-incorrect).



      1. You’d have zero hurricane protection at the home in Fenwick. Do an aerial view of the property and see you’ll be hit from both sides. I’ve seen this listing before, a long time ago. I bet people are nervous, post Sandy. I’d take it though, in a pinch 🙂

        1. Thanks for that link Betty. You are correct to say I remembered the sale as both houses at the higher amount. Sad that the property can be split. It shouldn’t be allowed to.

        1. Suggesting a Vineyard gal look at a house on Nantucket is, well, heresy, real heresy. I didn’t even look at the link. You should know better chris. Go to church and say three Hail Vineyard’s for me.

        2. my bad…

          Confiteor Deo omnipotenti,
          beatæ Mariæ semper Virgini,
          beato Michæli Archangelo,
          beato Ioanni Baptistæ,
          sanctis Apostolis Petro et Paulo,
          omnibus Sanctis, et vobis, fratres (et tibi pater),
          quia peccavi
          nimis cogitatione, verbo et opere:
          mea culpa,
          mea culpa,
          mea maxima culpa.
          Ideo precor beatam Mariam
          semper Virginem,
          beatum Michælem Archangelum,
          beatum Ioannem Baptistam,
          sanctos Apostolos Petrum et Paulum,
          omnes Sanctos, et vos, fratres (et te, pater),
          orare pro me ad Dominum Deum nostrum.

          i didn’t even flick the holy water on the way out.

  8. EOSr –

    I wouldn’t buy it, and it looks overpriced. Although the thought of having nubile young teenage hotties invading my space does have a certain appeal. But I still say no.

    Anyhows, can we discuss Sous Vide?

    Your Pal,

    1. Sous Vide is waaaaaayyyyy to pretentious a way to cook a steak. If you think I ruin weenies by pan searing them, you’d hate that I throw a filet mignon on the Weber, with perfect cross hatch even. I’ve seen sous vide in action on Cooks Country TV show. The French can’t cook anything anyway, except Salad Niçoise or quiche, but I’m guessing as a real man, you don’t eat quiche.
      PS: thanks for the nod at FWIW, even though it’s a fact you’ve never read this blog.

      1. EOSr –

        I am doing Sous Vide AS WE SPEAK!! My first time ever. I am a Sous Vide cherry. So vulnerable.

        Is it just hype? Am I wasting my time? Two fillet mignons. submerged in a sandwich bag.

        Should I just go to Mikky D’isss?

        Your Pal,

        1. So help me out. I gather with sous vide you plunk $50 of heavenly filet mignon in a FREAKING PLASTIC BAG to precook the meat in eau du sink, then when you are ready to serve, you still have to sear it to get a good crust? That’s French logic alright.

          Anyway, I’m game to try. What time should I come over? And shall I bring a steak knife and A1??

      2. The French can’t cook anything anyway

        Quoi ca? Preparez vous pour la GUERRE Madame!

        1. I figured I’d get a rise out of you, married to a Frenchie. I still contend, The. French. Can’t. Cook. They gunk up food with too many sauces, burying the good ingredients. Give me good old peasant food any day.

  9. EOSr –

    Actually the fillet mignons were only $32 dollars. I am going to feed them to my dogs. They will be most happy puppies. THEN A BELLY RUB. For them, not me.

    Then I am going to White Castle. Crave Case. To go. And the doggies can stick their heads out of the window. And slobber and fart.


    Your Pal,

    1. I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a White Castle today. Take me along. I Craved WCs in college – we’d go after we got stinking drunk. I wonder if they are as good today as they were then or if they were never good and they only tasted good because we were hammered.

      1. [T]hey were never good and they only tasted good because [you] were hammered.

    2. $32 for filet?
      (A) It wasn’t from Whole Foods
      (B) It isn’t from a cow
      (C) Both of the above

      Your dogs might not want it if it came from one of their goombas. 😦

  10. The club next door cuts the value in HALF, at least. The only way I’d buy it is if I were rich enough to buy it, the club AND the nearby hotel. Since that ain’t the case, I’m not in the market.

    1. As Chris said early on, it seems strange that a house built in the year 2000 would not have taken the club into consideration, noise-wise and property line-wise. Very odd.

  11. 29 Middle Beach Road West sold in 2012 for $5 and change. Much bigger house, not up against the beach club. It’s on the other side of the stream/wetlands parcel that is to the south of #11. Scroll through the photos, stop at #17 and you can see house #11 clearly. If #29 got $5.6, NO WAY NO HOW #11 could get even that, I predict it sells in the $3 range.

    The interior is abysmal, French Provincial barf, but that can easily be whitewashed. The bones of the house are good.

  12. there was a whole lotta cleaning up after sandy and irene hit the ct coastline. here’s amateur video from madison – the hotel is visible in one scene. it refutes your theory that a house on the sound is protected from the ravages of a hurricane. not true.

  13. EOSr –

    SON OF A BITCH!! That is the only curse word my parents ever used, and it scared the snot out of me. It made me do the pee pee dance. Every time. And I got called it a lot.

    Anyhows, sous vide is a bust. It blows. Adds nothing to the epicurean experience. Slow cookers rule, however.

    AND WHITE CASTLE ROCKS!! I will be taking a double tapered dump in no time.

    When can we talk window treatments?

    Your Pal,

    1. Doink. You shoulda had a V8. Filet mignon should never be Dyson’d, no matter what LibAdv’s French wife says.
      Now, as for your utterly insane comment that crock pots are great, son of a bitch, no way. I bought one so people would think I’m cool hip happening. I cooked two things it, both of which stunk. Who wants gray non-seared meat in a stew? I’m not raising my hand pal.
      My Italian grandmother would slappa’u upsida’u head for even thinking of cooking in a crock pot.

      So you drove to Yonkers or the Bronx for your WC fix? Or did you pick up a box of frozen burgers at A&P, while A&P is still breathing.

  14. EOSr –

    Yonkas. You son of a bitch. And how dare you dis the slow cooker. I make an awesome WOP pasta sauce using it. BOLOGNESE!!

    Totally rules.

    Your Pal,

    1. Anyone can make bolognese. The real WOP test:

      Can you make squid spaghetti sauce using the ink of the squid to color the sauce black?

      Or can you make arancini?

      Or homemade gnocchi? And NOOOOOO, it’s not pronounced NO-KEY.

      Or cannoli shells with my grandmothers cannoli tubes? And cannoli filling that’s not all sweet like WASPs think it should be???

      Get back to me on this, okay?

      1. I’m coming over to your house for dinner. I can’t cook worth beans so a crock pot suits my family. I set it and forget it.

        I’ll bring garlic bread. That’s about the extent of my Italian cooking ability.

        1. the BBC likes to mess around on April 1st (you’d think they’d cut Jeremy Clarkson a little slack. just sayin’). more recent:

  15. EOSr –

    You are pissing me off. You son of a bitch. YOU SON OF A BITCH!! I find that cathartic. So thank you!! Son of a BITCH!! I feel GREAT!!

    Anyhows, I don’t fancy the weird WOP food. Octopus? Squid? COUNT ME OUT!!

    But I can make 5 layer lasagna that will make you wet your pants. Spaghetti and meat balls? YES!!

    And I said BALLS!

    Your Pal,

  16. EOSr-

    You have to admit it. That was funny. I am still laughing. You son of a bitch.

    Your Pal,

    1. That was funny indeed. You do know we’d be pals if we met because we both love to laugh. I’m no hottie though unless a big smile counts. You are best off sticking with Steph and Toonces.

  17. EOSr –

    We ARE pals. The fact that we haven’t met yet is secondary. One day we will. But in the interim, I will always consider you a friend. Shmoouse face.

    Laughter matters.

    Despite your lack of hot dog cooking skills. You SON OF A BITCH!!

    Your Pal,


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