Float Like a Butterfly

The tiger swallowtail butterflies are finally back – they took a long time to return to Capistrano, aka Bedford, but I’m thrilled they are home. Thrilled. They are a jewel of nature.

This one was intent on sunning himself – sitting on a rose bush for well over fifteen minutes with wings out, basking in the glory that is today.




The butterflies are hovering all over the butterfly bushes (is that a duh?)

Meanwhile the Rose of Sharon stand around and look stunning. No lipstick need for these ladies!

Hope it’s sunny and bright where you are – literally and figuratively!

35 thoughts on “Float Like a Butterfly

  1. Looks like somebody has a butterfly bush with a Tiger Swallowtail. I’ve yet to hit the trail along the Oswegatchie this summer, but last summer I encountered a Giant Swallowtail on the trail that came out of the woods every time I went for a walk no matter what time it was, though I usually went somewhere between ten to two for maximum exposure to the sun. It’s the first time I every saw one because even CT is north of its range.

    Every time it would fly out of the woods and take off at very high speed so I couldn’t get a good look at it and I only suspected it to be a Giant Swallowtail. After about a week of letting it know I wanted to look at it, it would always land next to me on some leaf and slowly open and close its wings so I could admire its patterns top side and underside.

    This is what I was talking about last week on CF’s blog about insect mind control. It’s simple to perform: next time you see a fly in your house that’s landed, start talking silently in your mind. Say things like nice fly and let it know you want to be its friend, and it will let you lightly touch its back — repeatedly. But as soon as you change your thoughts and say to yourself, I’m going to get you fly it will take off.

    Last summer I was explaining this to a sales manager — that, though people can’t read your thoughts, they can feel them, even though they are likely unaware of it, and will respond accordingly. She said, oh yeah, I’ve got fly that’s been buzzing around my office making me crazy, we’ll see about that. Two minutes later she walked out of her office with the fly sitting on her finger, walked across the showroom floor and let it go outside. I’ve shown this to a number of people who have been able to get flies to crawl up on their fingers and go for a ride out the door. Go for it; give it a try: you know you’ve got psychic powers; don’t let your rational mind convince you otherwise.

      1. Ha ha. How you got a photo of Mr. EOS is beyond me. He usually wears a nicer plastic bag on his head tho.

        Not just teenagers who ignore customers. I feel invisible most of the time when shopping. Don’t you?

        1. yes, but, with so many star performers vying for the spotlight, hanging back and watching the fun takes a lot less effort.

        2. Vying for attention is a blood sport in Greenwich. Along the Avenue, in the boutiques, this little hick from Bedford, whose shoes do not match her purse, (don’t go there Walt!) is usually asked to enter the service entrance.

        3. Store owners are so stupid. They equate a Birkin bag and Jimmy Choos with great wealth and fawn over those shoppers. The woman who comes in neatly put together, understated, is the one with the black Amex card. I get ignored all the time too EOS.

      2. Typical employee behavior. I remember the one time I went skiing (night skiing back in the early 80s) at Vernon Valley in NJ. It’s another one of those weird mountains with a fair amount of vertical for its location, only one hour outside NYC and at slightly over 1000 ft. but with no steep terrain. What’s even weirder is that it has a number of trails that go straight down the fall line that are all crossed several times by an easier trail that has a number of switchbacks. Four way intersections with no stop signs — well, two way because you can only go downhill, meaning if you want to ski straight down from top to bottom, you have to stop at intersections and wait for an opening in the traffic (it was crazy busy with a million buses in the parking lot). The lift lines were just a big funnel with no control with hundreds of people waiting, but I got through pretty quickly by sleazing my way forward whenever there was a small opening (you didn’t think I was going to put up with that bullshit?) The place is called Action Park in the Summer and it was bought out by Intrawest sometime in the 90s I think — why I don’t know. They changed the name to Mountain Creek.

        That aside, I went into the cafeteria which was oddly empty considering the crowd outside (bad sign?) and grabbed some self-serve French fries. When I got to the cash, the two employees leaning against a back counter completely ignored me as if I was invisible until I decided to eat a French fry: DON’T EAT THE FOOD BEFORE YOU PAY FOR IT, screamed the toad of a woman with a scowl on her face.

        I think that explains a lot.

        As for the would be robber, the guy was probably projecting invisibility. Or perhaps he was projecting nothing, just sort of an empty-of-thought blob. During WWII Indians trained commandos at Canada’s Camp-X how to stand in the middle of a wide open field and be invisible. How do you do that? Easy. It’s like standing with your back to a wall when you don’t want someone to see you: you just pull your back and head and legs back against the wall as tightly as possible, as if you were a part of it. Sort of a pulling yourself inside yourself. Pulling your thoughts inside yourself. On the other hand if you project yourself towards a person: oh, don’t look over here, they’ll spot you for sure.

        Rupert Sheldrake goes into this sort of stuff in great detail in his books and his presentations he’s given at TED talks (YouTube), he was even banned from TED once for effectively criticizing the sham that is mainstream science.

        Another great source is Theron Dumont’s “Personal Magnetism” that goes into great detail as to how people are treated by the thoughts they project. Make sure you get the original Yoga Society edition because the modern reprints left out the good stuff. Guess some someone decided this stuff was just too powerful for people to have. I’ve used it on people who were trying to invade my space, and without even looking at them they started twitching and clearing their throats and walked away. Last summer I was walking down the street and some punk teenager decided he was going to give me shit (he didn’t like my long hair and beard, so I told him to go f*ck himself), coming at me with his chest all puffed out, and with just one quick look and a powerful thought pulse, his chest collapsed, he shriveled up, turned around and walked a way. I couldn’t f-ing believe it, true Jedi mind shit, for real.

        Anyhow Dumont goes into great detail as to how and why some people are treated as if they’re invisible. And that may be what’s happening with this guy — just can’t get no respect.

        Anyhow, how does a spider or a cockroach know when you’re looking at it and freezes and how does it know when you’ve stopped looking at it and moves on, even at a distance, even if you’re as still as a statue? Could it be Carlos Castaneda’s or Constantin Stanislavski’s rays?

        1. AJ: That had to be the original Dracula, 1930s? Like the website movieclips. Going to bookmark it. You never know when a good movie clip is just what the blogger ordered!

        2. It’s a good idea to start a YouTube channel in case a video you like disappears, then you’ve got you’re own copy that you can put whatever title and description on it you like and edit if you want to change. YouTube calls it matched third party content, so you’re protected from copyright infringement. If I don’t like the YouTube provided thumbnails you can get stuff from wiki commons, and if you click on page instead of image when you do an image search, it tells you whether or not you have to provide attribution to use it on the web.

          I use http://www.clipconverter.cc/ which is pretty simple: just paste in the URL, click continue, click download, click format (MP4), then a thing comes up that will allow you to use the whole clip or just a segment, then push start.

          As soon as you click start another page will come up that tries to trick you into downloading software. Just close that page, you’ll be back on the original page and click save when the little yellow box comes up. Then drag the saved file to the upload page of your YouTube channel et voila.

          Having a YouTube channel allows you to have your YouTube, not WordPress, Gravatar on the clip. Check out the toilet clip I posted on your site on YouTube, not on your blog but on Youtube itself, do a rollover of my Gravatar and you’ll see my information, for instance. This comes in handy when I comment on popular clips on popular sites because my YouTube Gravatar appears with my comments and draws traffic to my site without having to be a lowlife spammer. And you can build a library of clips that you like.

        3. I have a YT channel. Back in the old days of EOSr, I didn’t opt to pay for adding video to my site. Because of my cheapness, I had to create YT videos first. Now I pay for WP video so I drop and drag my own clips into the blog. I get your point though, that I should take all my own videos and create a larger YT channel. I’ll do that, one day this winter.

        4. BTW: I like to put music videos on my channel because a lot of people who are looking for a song might randomly click on my copy as opposed to the original I copied, and depending on how I title it might even be more likely to click on my copy. The owners don’t mind, in fact they encourage it, because their clips are monetized, meaning they get paid for the commercials that run on my copy of their clip, and I get potential traffic to my site.

        5. WordPress.com hosting charges extra to put up videos, but your site is self-hosted (on some companies server) or seems to be because I don’t see the .wordpress.com unless you’re using WordPress hosting with your own domain. I have managed WordPress hosting with Godaddy (WordPress dashboard from GoDaddy’s site, and also WordPress’ site if I want. There are no extra’s to pay for or restrictions, no fees to keep off their ads, I can sell ad space on my site, and no fees for videos. Hosting costs me a dollar a month for the first year and goes up to something like four dollars a month after that. I had to pay sixty dollars or something like that to upgrade from http to https to get Amazon to link to my site without a unsecured website/do you really want to go there thing popping up.

        6. AJ. I own my own domain, and am even master of it! 🙂 Yes, WP does the hosting and I pay for extras like No Ads, video, more space for all my photos.

    1. I hope YOU and EarthImage get your cameras ready. I am lousy at moon photos. I’ll be waiting.
      How was the concert? And if you aren’t allowed to bring chairs, you stand or bring a blanket? That’s tough on the back.

      1. Gorgeous. That’s just like the videos I take. Ha ha.

        We know first hand how hard it is to take good video from the two years we went to the Punkin Chunkin in lower Dull’ware. You think fans yelled at Fox Sports when their cameramen were not ever able to follow the golf ball at the PGA? We posted one heck of a lot of PC video where my readers said, cool yeh, but where did the pumpkin go? We never knew.

        Mr. EOS is addicted to the NASA website with a photo a day.

        1. you didn’t go to the punkin chunkin this year?? those posts were among my favorite.

        2. There was NO PC this year. Against the wishes of the founders of PC, a new bigger venue was scheduled, up in Dover, I think at the Speedway or something totally opposite to the ambiance of the lower Delaware farm fields. Something went awry and the venue never got licensed or approved so the PC didn’t take place. If it does end up at some awful legal venue, we won’t go back. The best part of its original locale was being among the hordes of lower Delaware rednecks. We fit right in.

  2. EOSr –

    Beautiful pictures. A caterpillar turning into a butterfly is one of the very many amazing things about nature. And nature’s wonders cover a broad spectrum. AJ’s ability to go from alien lizard to “human”. AMAZING!! And from the delicate beauty of a butterfly, to the majestic awesomeness of CECIL THE LION!!

    I really don’t get how someone could kill this magnificent animal for fun. To simply cut off its head and fur for A TROPHY!! It’s disgusting. It feels morally wrong on so many levels.

    But it does raise interesting questions. Why don’t I feel the same about chickens and cows? Or deer? Is it wrong that people cared more about Cecil the Lion than PP harvesting and selling dead babies? DID SOMEONE SAY DEAD BABIES!!

    OK…I promised I wouldn’t go there. BUT IT’S KILLING ME!! This PP story could have been comedy GOLD!! And it’s been PISSED AWAY!!

    Your Pal,

    1. [Ed. note: Anonymous, before I start: I changed out the photo to one that could be dropped into the comment rather than clicking the link. I trust you are okay with that.]

      Now, as for Cecil. Thanks for bringing him and the topic up. I didn’t choose to because so many others have, each with their own tone. My favorite, The Very Funny Cripes Suzette (who in my mind wins the award for the best blog moniker ever), posted on it today and it has a humorous-yet-serious take.

      We fish and strip the guts out of a bass or blue fish. Lots of people hunt bear, deer, and elk and moose. No one complains about them. We raised sheep and pigs when the kids were little and took them to slaughter. No one called the US Fish and Game on us to take us away. I think what people find objectionable is that Cecil had a name. If he were a nameless lion, like the others that are killed unnoticed in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, and Namibia, with permission from those countries to do so, there wouldn’t be this kerfuffle. Do I think it made any sense for this dentist to take out the most famous of the lions? No. I can’t imagine how his tour guide didn’t know and stop him. That’s what bugs me. Could I ever kill such a gorgeous creature? No. I’m rethinking steak for dinner now that you mentioned cow. Darn you, they were nice steaks and we were NOT cooking them sous vide, so they would have been stellar. Local corn on the cob. Fresh local tomatoes too.

      The PP story coverage is itself an abortion. The journalists hack at the people who took the video, all the while defending PP federal funding. Keep PP as far as I am concerned. Strip them of federal funds. They tout all their women’s health offerings but no one mentions now that ObamaCare has passed, all that should be offered to every woman now anyway, making PP useless.

      1. EOSr –

        Not at all!! I was hoping my original post would have shown the picture of THAT MAGNIFICENT BASTARD!! But I am a computer retard, amongst other things, so it only posted the hyperlink. So thanks for fixing that!!

        And after I wrote “And it’s been PISSED AWAY!!” I should have closed with “Just like this subhuman dentist did to Cecil the Lion’s life”. It is truly disgusting what he did. I cried like a little bitch.

        Anyhows, thanks for fixing the post. And I agree Cripes Suzette is an awesome name. I was thinking of changing mine to something better. I think Wal…Anonymous is kind of dull.

        Maybe Dik Su Long? Wei Bang? Dead Babies are Funny? THAT WASN’T A DEAD BABY JOKE!! Anyhows, I am still contemplating that. With a new name, no one will know it’s me.

        But Cripes Suzette is right. And like me, she posits the dilemma, but is unsure of the answers. It’s a tough one.

        And I ask politely again. DOES ANYONE HAVE A GOD DAMNED FONDUE RECIPE?

        Your Pal,

        1. Tsk. Tsk. You didn’t pay attention last time you asked the fondue question. Martha penned a most excellent recipe.
          More later.

      2. That lion was on a preserve, protected and purposely lured out, making it a criminal act. What should the penalty be? When you have people in America doing life in prison for growing as few as half a dozen scraggly marijuana plants with a street value of $0, who the hell knows. But the penalty for killing the lion happens to be fifteen years.

        As far as PP, what do you bet they are counseling women or forcing them through scheduling to go late term, otherwise there wouldn’t be any usable parts. A much better idea would be to offer free, or even incentivized birth control, morning after pills, and pregnancy tests. Odd that if someone assaults a women and kills an unborn child it’s considered murder but if she decides to abort it’s not. Or even weirder are woman who’ve tried to induce miscarriage and been charged with murder.

        1. If the lion was on a preserve and lured out (where did you get that information and is it fact?) then the safari company to whom the dentist paid his fee to hunt should lose their license and they should be fined. Not the dentist.

        2. Peter, just Google “Cecil lion baited” or “Cecil lion dragged bait with jeep” and you’ll find page after page from every source under the sun verifying this as fact. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that they didn’t do this prior to Mr. Palmer’s arrival: it was obviously part of the hunt.

          Ever hear of the Lacey Act? Walter Palmer is f*cked — big time.

      3. EOSr –

        And I don’t think people had compassion for Cecil the Lion because he had a name. Contrary to what Cripes Suzette believes. No disrespect meant.

        I couldn’t kill him no name or not. I think it comes down to animal cuteness. Cats and dogs are cute and friendly. Lions and tigers and elephants are majestic. So leave all of them alone.

        But rats and mice are vermin. So let’s stomp them out. Is that right? I don’t know. But I think the cuteness factor enters into it. LETS BE HONEST!!

        If two girls were drowning, and I could only save one, who would I save? THE ONE WITH THE BIGGEST CANS of course!! Even though her love pillows probably would have saved her on her own. Would I have felt bad? YES I WOULD!! But that is how my decision making process would work. Do I feel bad about that? YES I DO!!

        Anyhows, where were we? Oh yea, names and killing.

        Back to the start. It’s not a name, it’s the cuteness. Let’s be honest. HUMAN BABIES ARE UGLY!! They look like wrinkled little aliens when they arrive on the scene. It doesn’t matter if they have names or not.

        Whereas kittens and puppies are ADORABLE the minute they pop out of a vagina. They can stumble around, are pretty much intact, and just need to grow. Whereas… WHEREAS we are disgusting little sniglets, bald and wrinkly, unable to walk, and all we can do is SUCK OUR THUMB!! Names have nothing to do with it. Which is why I think PP exists.

        Cuteness matters.

        Thank God we are both cuties. Am I right? But the Dude may be in trouble.

        Your Pal,

        1. AnonaWalt has a point about the cute factor. Look how the world collectively sighs at killing sea lions or whales. they aren’t named but we cringe because the species is pleasing to the eye. We scoff at dead raccoons on the road.

          There’s a NatGeo petition to stop finning sharks. Where’s the American hashtag for Jaws?

    2. Don’t get me started; I’m a cat person. I put out cat food so I can steel the neighbors cats, let them move into my house and pay their vet bills. I’ve only had one cat stolen from me that way. I thought he’d got lost but one day he showed up to get me to follow him to where he was living. I could not believe that a cat could be treated to that level of royalty. I thought I was a cat (and dog) fanatic, but some people take it to beyond extreme.

    1. Anonymous –

      That was awesome. And I rarely watch posted videos, because I have the attention span of a retarded platypus. But I watched this one all the way through. LIKE A LITTLE DIVA!!

      Thanks for posting. It was awesome.

      And we have the same name!!

      Your Pal,

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