Hey, Ma, Where the Hell Are You???


I know you blogged late, something about politics, but really, who’s more important, some Republicans, or me? Geez, it’s time for my walk, and where’s my breakfast woman??? Get out of your pink fuzzy slippers and get with the program. 


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  1. Chicken Chuck Schumer announces his No vote on the Iran deal during the debate. Did I hear correctly that Gillibrand will vote yes?

    1. Chicken Chuck. That’s for sure. And don’t forget Obama pushed up his vacation departure to MVY to today knowing full well Schumer was going to announce his non-support. So Barack is just as much of a chicken because he didn’t want answer questions or figure out how to explain away that Schumer must be ignorant, as O called the Rs.

        1. I think because I/we used the term Chicken, LibAdv thought you meant Chuck was chicken to vote against, making it seem you were for.

      1. I think they meant chickenshit, or maybe it was chicken hawk because, either way, Schmucky is usually quite bold when it comes to putting forward his dumbass ideas.

  2. One final Carly shout out. Anyone who thinks she’d be great as a veep is missing THE opportunity to have her as PRESIDENT. She showed her presidential chops last night and again, even more so, on Morning Joe. Put up side by side comparison of Hillary v Carly. Whoever votes for Hillary is the quintessential low information voter that Hillary attracts, women who drool over her grandma remarks and pay no heed to what she wouldn’t do to change the economy. Carly had very specific tasks to move the economy. Fiorina rose in my mind from veep to Prez.

    1. Agree with everything u said about Carly. She’ll need to raise money from the big donors. I think they are reticent yet. She’ll also need to get fellow female republicans to stand up for her. They’ve been horribly silent about her candidacy. Where’s Joni Ernst on Fiorina?

    2. Carly is NOT a conservative nor is she pro 2A. If she were both those things, I’d be happy with her on the top of the ticket.

  3. ‘Kim Kardashian And Hillary Clinton Steal The GOP Debate’s Thunder With One Photo’

    So reads the headline of one Huffington Post article, claiming the whole Republican debate was for naught because at the same the debate was going on Kim Kardashian released a photo of her and Hillary standing cheek to cheek with Kanye in the background.

    And, poof, in an instant, the Donald lust his luster. Damn, these Dems are clever little devils.


    1. Well, ain’t that special. Kim and Hillary.

      Let Hillary have her fun. It isn’t going to last long once the FBI dig further and Joe jumps in.

      1. Could it be possible that the FBI investigation is in reality a faux investigation so that they can clear her of any wrongdoing at precisely the right moment? You can call me cynical, but what do you bet?

      1. I’m really not that catty but how many hours do you think it took to Photoshop and retouch that picture?

        1. hilz doesn’t look so hot in that photo to me. her teeth look very yellow and capped. i prefer the portrait of dawg – now there’s a beautiful bitch.

        2. He did, but I had to delete them. I luv the guy but I had to quash his enthusiasm. I had lots of viewers from other blogs last night and I needed to look like I was somewhat legit. I regret that I had to censor the man. But in fairness, I also censored Carolyn who wrote in, in response to something Walt said. I clicked delete. I just didn’t want to go there last night. I was the first, and maybe will be the last, to stand up for Walt and his writing. But I needed last night to be about me, about the blog, about the debate. Walt, if you are listening, that’s why.

        3. I think Kim’s copy of photoshop has a special tool that my copy is lacking: the butt enhancement tool.

        4. EOSr –
          No harm, no foul. I have a very thick skin.

          No offense meant, but I have been kicked out of better places. And no offense taken on my part.

          The best part of the debates was that they actually addressed political correctness. It is censorship, and prevents an honest discussion of the problems we face. Liberals push it to stop debate, to stop an honest discussion. It’s vile.

          Look at the current MSM narrative. Police are bad. They shoot black people with abandon. IT’S NOT TRUE!! The MSM promotes this lie day in and day out. Trevon? He was going to kill that guy, WHO WASN’T WHITE BTW. A WHITE HISPANIC!! Made up to cause divisiveness. Why?

          Michael Brown? HE JUST ROBBED A STORE!! Then attacked a police officer. Who shot him. GOOD!! That is the way it’s supposed to work.

          Freddy Gray? Don’t know yet. But he was a career criminal and drug dealer with over 20 criminal convictions. Why would we mourn his loss? BURN A CITY DOWN? And of the 6 charged with his killing, HALF ARE BLACK!!

          The race war in America is Black on White. Not White on Black. And promoted by a half White POTUS. It’s a disgrace, supported by the MSM, for reasons that I really don’t understand.

          This may be to out there for your blog, so delete it if you want. But something is very wrong with this country right now. It really is.

          Your Pal
          John Cameron Swayze

          Do your readers even know who he was?

        5. Walt just went even higher up on my “cool dude” meter. Swayze related to Patrick? no, probably not. I’ll look it up…..

  4. I’ve yet to see the debate because for some strange reason Fox decided that to see it online you had to log into your TV cable account and I don’t have one — damned if I’m going to shell out how ever many dollars a month it is for 200 channels of nothing and get hypnotized by 24/7 of MSM propaganda. This is bizarre, seeing as how all the 2012 debates were streamed online, and so was the Super Bowl. They probably could have doubled the numbers for their advertisers had they gone online because a lot of people share my opinion of cable and no longer have it. Anyhow, it is available online today.

  5. I had a bunch of teens at my house and so we didn’t make it through the debate! Watched 1/2 of it in 3 hours because the TV was turned off repeatedly to discuss or laugh. I’m telllin’ ya, these students would have given you hope for this country. Whip smart and pretty conservative on economic issues (they know they will eventually get stuck with the bill and they were pretty much libertarians, every one of them save one). Lots of different opinions on social issues but all of them listening to each other. Thanks EOSr – I enjoyed reading this play by play commentary today! Now I have to finish watching. (their favorite: Rubio – – and Rand is beloved by them – he is really earnest)

    1. Oh to have been at your house with those teens. I would have loved it!!!! My kids (30+) watched (they know mom gives them hell if they don’t) and this morning my 97 year old mom and I spoke in depth three separate times as we discussed the pros and cons, the winners and losers.

      The world is in the hands of those teens at your house last night. They have a huge challenge before them to keep us afloat economically – not an easy task. No surprise that they loved Rubio and Rand. I think kids find them both refreshing.

      1. I would have loved to have you! It was a very loud, very passionate group. The debate on TV just came right into my living room as the kids each took the floor. They’re articulate and thoughtful and see right through the bull. I do think Rubio’s natural speaking ability helped him a lot. He also has that charisma/I can inspire you going for him. Jeb, by comparison seemed defensive and uncomfortable and very boring. HUGE guffaws at Trump’s comments about how he ‘knows the government is corrupt because he’s taken part in the corruption’. Oh, they cracked me up repeatedly too though because they kept saying Cruz looks like his face is melting.

        1. Jeb who? He’s toast. Looked very weak and was, as Seinfeld would say, a low-talker. Out.

          Trump, despite his awful speak, still manages to find an audience of fans who hate the RINOS and hate established politicians. I’m not in that group. I was a real leader.

          LibAdv took me to task for criticizing Cruz’s face. Glad I am not alone. My kids think he’s creepy.

        2. I saw that LibAdv did that and understand where he’s coming from. The kids were having fun with all of the candidates (oh, g-d, especially Trump).

          In general, lots of references to religion did not go over well with them. They understand it informs opinions but didn’t think it should be the lead reason to do things. Science is big with them. So, science as a reason for not allowing abortion after a certain point or at all was a valid discussion point. G-d – not as much. Which reminds me: there was a big reaction when one of the debaters (not good that I can’t remember who – maybe Cruz?) said they’d not be afraid of political correctness in calling out radical Islam. They completely agreed that it was fruitless to try to change a whole religion/culture as a way of fixing terrorism. They were definitely into taking down the terrorists. NO WAY for us to change the religion to one of peace – that could only be done by the religion itself.

  6. EOSr –

    I don’t know Dawg, but I am quite sure I would love her. Him? She looks just like my puppies, who I adore. Why do dogs love sticking their heads out of the window, but hate it when you blow in their face? I have no idea.


    Carly HANDS DOWN won the debate. By a mile. Hillary can’t shine her shoes.

    And where are we with Carolyn? Is all good? CAROLYN!! I meant no harm. Seriously.

    Your Pal,

    1. You remind me of a certain high school math teacher of mine who delighted in making me look stupid. So, I’ll play the part. What is that link supposed to do/be? DoBeDoBeDo?

      1. scroll down (no need to click) for Mad Men .gifs updated to today’s social media environment… or something like that.

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