Uh Oh. If You Thought Hummingbirds were Boring, It’s Almost Peony Time!!!

This week should bring out my thousand and one peonies buds into full fledged gorgeous fleurs, so this is my polite way of warning you to be prepared for little blog news other than peony color rockin’ the place.


There’s a pink one only partially open but looking a wee bit sad, as if the rain killed it before it could open. But with a week of sunshine, they should pop quickly.


If you aren’t a peony fan, feel free to walk about the cabin, read a good book, post off/topic conversations, shout at me, or all of the above. It might be a slow week.

18 thoughts on “Uh Oh. If You Thought Hummingbirds were Boring, It’s Almost Peony Time!!!

  1. do you have hydrangeas? they seem to be so far behind this year – I hope they will flower

  2. The Flower Duet by Delibes is a nice touch.
    What happened at the ’60s party? Twister? Scavenger Hunt? Plenty of Mateus Rosé?
    I an still in a state of shock that you have a food stylist for party vittles.

    1. As it turns out, big surprise, the party was to honor ME, not just me, but I was one of a few people being acknowledged for 25 years of volunteer work in town. The ’60s theme was but a ruse and I guess that’s why I was told to bring the food early, so I wouldn’t see the tent and photogs until I got there. Even then it didn’t occur to me that anything was going on (I’m easy to surprise), until they pinned a flower on me. I was only glad no one popped out from behind a curtain shouting This Is Your Life! 🙂

      1. Hey, that’s all the detail we get? You get honored and all we learn is you got a rose?

    1. That’s an awesome blog you linked to Flash. I’ve saved it in my favorites – she isn’t TOO accomplished/talented or anything. Wow. Thanks.

      1. Exactly the lush ‘delicate mille-feuille’ that pictured in my mind. Rich.

  3. you said we could post off topic comments – so here it is:

    obummer goes to Vietnam with no message to their leaders for the thousands of men killed in the war? He has the audacity to pose under Ho Chi Minh? the bastard is sick.

    1. I almost did a post on this very subject but I was sure with what choice words I have on the subject, my blog would end up being on the FBI watch list.

      Øbamã is pathetic.

  4. The story that is bigger than O in Vietnam is the full acquittal of the Baltimore police officer. The media is all hushed because it was a sane and unpolitical black judge who saw that the greedy prosecutors wanted blood, not justice. Good ending. Now all the other cases should be dropped. Mosby is the one who should be on trial.

  5. LOVE peonies but need help! Do you FEED yours? If so, when, what and how often?

    1. I’m from the school of Do Nothing to my plants. I don’t feed them. I don’t spray them. I do cut them all back when the season is over. That’s it.

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