Guess how many people didn’t move the cart? And Other Friday Fun Stuff!

I did a little test today when out running errands. I saw a Petco cart in the middle of the parking lot and wondered how long it would take, or how many cars with people in it before someone would move the cart. Five cars. Five sets of people got out near or near ENOUGH to the cart yet no one made an effort to relocate it. I did. Pretty astonishing, and not in a good way. No one looked infirmed, as if they couldn’t move the cart. Cars drove around it to get out of the lot, yet no one wanted to be responsible for it. I don’t get it. It took me three seconds to walk across the lot to put the cart in the thingie for carts. Personally, I regard my CAR too much to worry that a left cart would end up dinging me. I guess I am alone in that thought.

I did get to Staples to buy some drawer organizers and had Mr. Chipper as a checkout person. Wow, he asked me Did anyone helped me find what I needed? Did I find everything I wanted? Did I have a Staples Rewards card? Was this my email for the receipt? Was I having a good day? I think he had a double espresso on his coffee break. But better that than the usual dullards.

And look, lo and behold, the transformed top drawer. I deep-sixed the old blue organizer that was gummed up and gooey and had a zillion things in it that I never used or were out of ink. Much much better. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Other than that, this is my birthday weekend and truth be told, I’ve already started celebrating. Sunday I’ll post some great photos that Earth Image sent in and Monday, stay tuned for the Whiskey A GoGo Booze Birthday Bash photos, which may or may not be in focus.

You may start sending your cards, presents, and best wishes now. 🙂

Happy Friday!

36 thoughts on “Guess how many people didn’t move the cart? And Other Friday Fun Stuff!

    1. Uh oh. What club? I’m a whole year away from being 70 so don’t put me in that club yet. Next year at this time I expect to be far far away with the whole family celebrating 70 BIG TIME! But not this year.

  1. a VERY, very Happy Birthday to you!! Enjoy it.
    You drawers look so organized. So reward yourself have some CAKE!

    1. Welllll, isn’t that video special and festive and gay and colorful! That Nassiri guy really knows me, Wow.

      Speaking of getting the name right, a funny story: years and years and years ago at one of my places of employ, I was handed an ID with my name spelled C-U-N-T-H-I-A. You can imagine the hysterics when I saw it. I wasn’t sure if the guy who typed it (yes, typed in those days) was telling me something or if it was an honest mistake. After all, the Y is right next to the U on the keyboard. I was issued a new card and the old one got tossed but in hindsight I should have kept it. It would have been a keepsake for the family album, almost worthy of being presented at Antiques Roadshow. Funny times then.

      I don’t imagine Nassiri sings Version B of my name.

      1. I thought it was great to have all the peoples of the world come together and wish you a Happy Birthday: So diverse, so happy, so you. Nice story about the misspelling – which I am sure is exactly what is was, because, back in the day of the typewriter, we weren’t nearly as coarse as we are now. My fallback was this, since clowns don’t freak you out like normal folks. The little buddy reference is wanting, however:

        1. The Little Buddy routine is creepily creepy. Even I who isn’t afraid of clowns was afraid of that dude. I’d run away crying if he sang that to me.

          Yes, I suppose the typing error was strictly an error. Today someone would be fired or a harassment suit would be filed. We all laughed.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Today my youngest turned 7🎂🎂

    I’m one of the cart leavers, but it’s a rarity that I’m actually in a store where I need a shopping cart anymore. In Sweden, you had to put a deposit in on the shopping cart and in order to get your 10 kroner (about $0.60-$1.00, depending on exchange rate) back, you had to return the cart and plug it in. Man, I hated that! (I also had a baby in tow, though)

    Maybe the staples guy was worried about losing his job? Your drawer looks awesome!🍷🌹🥇

    1. Happy Birthday back to your youngest. We Aries are pretty stubborn, but creative, and happy.

      Having lived in Europe ourselves, carts were never used there either. We walked to the market daily, got what we needed, then home. Or the weekend farmer’s markets. Carts are a pain and most eople leave them when they are done. Earlier today the good space at the grocery store had a CART in the middle. No wonder no one was using it.

      Thanks for the well wishes.

  3. Happy Birthday. I’m leaving for California tomorrow, to spend time with my son and family – staying through Easter, then home. It’ll be nice to get some sunshine and warmth. It was too cold again today.

    I would have moved the cart too. I do it all the time at the Acme. The Whole Foods moms are the worst. They don’t care where the cart lands.

  4. Hope you go for that coconut cake from PortChester … yum! Happy Birthday to you!

    1. Actually we decided the coconut cake was (a) just too enormous to consume and (b) was almost too sweet. Since I am the birthday gal, this time it’s up to others to buy/make the cake.

      1. HapBDay, I think double helix style 69 is much more interesting than plain old 70. THIS will be a good year for you🌶
        And, Citerella has a coconut cupcake, strategically placed at the checkout line, that is almost as good as Kneaded Bread.

        1. Thanks!
          I haven’t dared entered Citarella yet. I fear not having shoes to match a Birkin bag and in an Audi and not a Range Rover, I will be asked to use the rear entrance for deliveries. Should I muster up the courage to go in?

  5. Generally, do you like the cakes from Kneaded Bread? That’s where the coconut came from, wasn’t it? We have two more birthdays this month–mine and eldest son–with a party for both boys. It’s looking like we will have at least 16 kids plus a few parents, so a big cake would be useful, two medium would be the best, actually, so each boy can spit on it😂

    Last year we had giant Costco chocolate cakes, which were cheap, and fine. Youngest is requesting homemade. One year, I made him a lamb mold and he wants that for his party. (We just got home Wednesday night, so he got a purchased one yesterday). And, I would have to make a whole flock for the party–but I just don’t have it in me at this point. So, I’m trying to find a nice upgrade.

    1. The coconut cake was the first cake I bought from Kneaded Bread. I’ve bought other things but never before a cake. It was enormous, beyond big, unfinishable big and the frosting was so gooey the cake tiers kept sliding off one another. The cake had a huge price tag too. I called ahead to order it and was only asked one question: chocolate cake or white. I couldn’t imagine a chocolate cake with coconut (although I love mounds bars) so I went with the white. I was never asked nor did I think to ask them, how many hundreds of people does this cake serve. I wasn’t expecting to see a cake the size of a wedding cake. I won’t even tell you what it cost but suffice it to say when I handed them a fairly large bill, I got very little money back.
      LSS, I don’t think I would repeat the rookie mistake. Especially for a kids birthday. A Costco cake sounds just right to me!! Or homemade. I have a delicious (albeit complicated) chocolate cake recipe. Holler if you want it and I’ll email it to you.

  6. Oh go to Citarella, it’s not that fancy – be brave. They have great stromboli. The parking is a little weird at the Greenwich store tho, with a 1/2 garage and angle parking in front.

    1. Ok. If you say so. I trust your instincts 100%. Is one day better than another to go and what time of day? What else should I get other than the Stromboli?

      1. Oh, I don’t know that much. Just go – be adventurous, it’s only a store!

  7. Tomorrow, is the whiskey tour and tasting before after lunch? Should be a beautiful day for a trip to the old mill. You DO know how to celebrate birthdays in delightful ways. A picture or two and a report on Monday would be appreciated
    Have a very, very Happy Birthday, EOS.

    1. Brunch first. Then tasting. Thought we’d want to have something in our stomach before asking for one more taste!

      Gorgeous day today so fingers crossed tomorrow is the same. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  8. I’m usually the first to comment but better late than never? The kids are all in Miami for a wedding of one of their cousins tonight – that’s my excuse for the tardy birthday wishes. We are the same age – I turn 69 in May. My wife will be 69 in July. 1948 was a very good year.

    1. Weddings are fun, unless you are the checkbook! Have a wonderful time and thanks for the birthday wishes. Yes, 1948 was a very good year. Early cheers to you and your wife.

      Read today about a mall shooting in Coral Gables. My Florida map skills aren’t great, but isn’t Coral Gables a suburb of Miami?

        1. Sounds like I’m on the FL payroll, but if I had my druthers and it weren’t so damn far, I’d spend my winters on Maui! And Chatham MA for summers!

        2. Maui is amazing but I simply couldn’t be that far away from family and friends. Way back in the 1960s, neighbors of my parents got divorced. The husband and his new wife moved to Hana and bought a ton of land. You can imagine back in the 1960s how little land cost – versus today. Now that was a smart investment! He died about ten+ years ago but the second wife makes Hana her year-round home. Nice.

    1. Ha. Let’s talk about gifts. I’m GIVING one child a RT car service to get here and home because the trains are so infrequent on weekends. I’m GIVING another child money to pay the babysitter so they can be gone all day…(the wee ones can’t go to the tasting tour!). Sensing a pattern??? So what do I GET? Everyone with me all day tomorrow, and yes, tomorrow is finally the day. Then I promise I’ll shut up about birthdays for another whole year.

      1. ask a stupid question…
        hey! talking about birthdays beats talking about some old crazy person wandering the woods in Chappaqua!

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