Have car, Will travel…Updated


2017 Road Trip Itinerary finalized so I’m only waiting to get my car back, put new plates on, then go.


A. Bedford to Knoxville
James White Fort
Market Square
Museum of East Tennessee

B. Knoxville to Little Rock
William J. Clinton Presidential Library
Little Rock Central High School

C. Little Rock to Dallas
George W. Bush Presidential Library
Tour SMU campus
Day trip to Waco

D. Dallas to Bentonville
Crystal Bridges Museum, including Frank Lloyd Wright home

E. Bentonville to Louisville
Not sure yet what to see in Louisville, maybe the Louisville Slugger museum or Churchill Downs? This stop was about as far as I want to drive that day. Any suggestions for Louisville sightseeing or alternate city near-by?

F. Louisville to back home
Go straight to Pilates class then schedule appointment with chiropractor!!

Looking forward to taking this trip. As I said the other day, I wavered back and forth about taking this in several short bites, with easy flights and two-day jaunts. Each time, I came back to wanting the freedom of the car, the ability to pack as I want, bring my own My Pillow to counter the awful hotel pillows, and go and do as we want, not as a schedule dictates. Let’s see how I feel when back. We’re allotting between 10-12 days, the more leisurely the better.

Not that I have to ask, but feel free to add your two cents about the itinerary. 🙂

Otherwise, Happy Rainy Friday. It’s pouring right now, which is just fine as I have a ton of paperwork to do, laundry and housecleaning.


Sent in by an anonymous source via an Instagram feed, a great photo of Governor Cuomo in his 1966 Pontiac GTO, cruising some local streets near me.


Speaking of Cuomo, there was a $25k/pp party for him the other day in The Hamptons. So yes, it’s fair to say he’s running for President.


40 thoughts on “Have car, Will travel…Updated

  1. Not about the road trip, but did you read that Charles Payne was suspended from Fox Business under allegations of harassment by a panelist?

    1. Yes, and I was shocked. He’s admitting to having a “romantic relationship” with the woman but beyond that, I don’t know how much of the sordid saga is a woman scorned or truth. He’s my go-to at 6pm.

      1. Agree. The woman didn’t seem to object to having an affair (she is married too) – when she wasn’t asked to be on Payne’s panel as often, she hired a lawyer.

  2. Long hoof. How many miles? 3500? I’d rather take the several small bite option.

    1. It’s over 3000 miles, maybe not quite 3500 though. I may regret this road trip decision but for now, it’s a go.

    1. BOURBON, duh. At least Louisville isn’t the nations Ginger Beer capitol!

      Safe journey home. Hopefully the sky will be clear.

    1. Gee thanks. Haven’t we talked about the Price Tower here before, maybe in a FLW thread? Seems familiar.
      Our route does loop us through OK a bit so I’ll map it out today to see how we can add this. I’ve never been to OK ever, not even through it on the way elsewhere. Nor have I landed there. I’ll be glad to add OK to my See The USA in My Chevrolet trip.

      The chapel might not make the list, depends on how far afield it is. But thanks for adding ideas.

      1. Not sure if the Price Tower was mentioned before. I only thought of it when I saw how close Bartlesville was to Bentonville. Nice thing is you can actually stay in the inn there.

        1. I’m remembering now. When my sister/brother-in-law went to Crystal Bridges, I asked THEM if they were going to Price Tower. My b-i-l is an architect. They didn’t go, didn’t have time I guess, as their trip was singularly to see Crystal Bridges and the Walmart Museum.

  3. Try to visit one of the thoroughbred farms in the area. Was the thrill of a lifetime for me to stand right next to Secretariat.

    1. Wouldn’t I need an invitation to get into the gates of a thoroughbred farm? One of the kids boarding school roommates hailed from Versailles KY (pronounced Ver-sails) and they had a huge race horse farm. We got invited but never made it there. Would be wonderful. Growing up in Delaware, I was surrounded by horse owners and huge horse farms and thoroughbreds. They are gorgeous creatures.

      1. WinStar Farms in Ver-sails has tours. Owner has quite a backstory. They bought into the Derby horse that the guy from Greenwich ran two years ago.

  4. I have been dreaming of this trip for years.

    My destination would be the SouthWest Collection at U. Tex. Austin Library
    returning through Houston, New Orleans, Birmingham to Nashville.

    1. Great choices. I know you have a family history that would make the UT archives destination #1.
      As for the other cities, I have no desire to see NO, maybe to Houston, but yes to Birmingham and most definitely Nashville. The latter is a destination unto itself in my book. Maybe not a full week, but certainly several days.

  5. Get off the highway near Knoxville and stay here http://www.blackberryfarm.com/

    Did you see a tiny house in Waco (made over by the famous tv team) was bought for $28k and is now listed for nearly $1M? 🤑

    I looked up Figure Eight Island, not much real estate there….although I think you blogged about that house on the north end? Lovely, but too big for our next phase.

    1. Blackberry Farm is your treat??? It’s way out of my financial league. I know lots of people who’ve stayed there and loved it. Foodies love it especially. I think the rates start at about $600+/night. There are plenty of times when staying at a gorgeous place like Blackberry Farm is worth it and we love staying at one of a kind places, this trip not probably not.

      I DID see the house in Waco for sale. I love watching Fixer Upper and think the Gaines are a great duo who, with lots of hard work, became wildly successful.

      Yes, Figure Eight is expensive. Tear downs start at $3m.

      1. Blackberry Farm rooms are twice that per night. Suites and cottages triple and and quadruple. Pretty but too expensive.

      2. Well, the only time I went there was with my parents, on their dime. But I remember it being extra special…it looks even nicer now. We were there c. 1992-4 ish. I hate hotels in general, and tend to be nervous about airbnb type places.

  6. We fly home from our “Family Road Trip”🚗 tomorrow. We stayed 5 nites in 5 states all in some type of Marriott & their Beauty Rest mattresses were very comfortable! Have spent last week in “kids” 1st apt, settling them in. We planned a site or 2 to see mostly hikes & parks in each state we stayed. Did 2 nites in Ashville @ a condo we found online (nice to have a full kitchen) ballgame & fireworks on the 4th at new Braves stadium. Hope u got the good cooler, healthy car snacks, get good books on CD for car, I liked David & Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell, rest of car not so much! Be flexible about ur stops, try to ‘see’ the USA not just drive by it. We only did 1/2 the mileage ur planning. Many times it was more Drive time than anticipated. Really needed Waze & GPS, esp for rural locations.
    Good luck have FUN, safe travels & can’t wait to “join you” via ur posts!

    1. So you rented a car such that you are flying home tomorrow?? Or was this “deliver daughter to first apartment and let her have the car”?
      It’s always more drive time, always. Weather, traffic, construction. Always something.

      Thanks for the audio book suggestions. Cooler, basic, not too fancy. I had a Waze account a long time ago but stopped using it because the screen was so busy. I’ll have to find my old account info.
      Safe travel home to you too. Your trip sounded terrific. What did you think of Asheville?

      1. It was Drive the kids car – a golf, small car, to the new town! We loved Ashville and it had lots more I’d like to see. Definitely hope to go back. Not the case for Gatlinburg wow that was a surprise.

    1. I’d say I had shingle, singular. It was only painful one day and even then it wasn’t the kind of pain that others have complained about. It was a non-event for me, totally.

    1. Asses of a feather flock together. I mean, can you imagine any woman being married to either Andrew OR Chris, Chris especially (with no denigration meant to the name Chris, just Chris Cuomo). Andrew’s first marriage was a hot mess to Kerry Kennedy. Seems the whole lot of them, Kennedy’s and Cuomo’s, get in trouble and have it erased magically. Scum, in my opinion. I hope Andrew does run in 2020 and gets trounced by The Donald.

      1. Oh, you! Doesn’t the mathematics of the fight all day / love all night hot-blooded Italian work?

        BTW, best one of the meme wars I’ve seen:

        1. Awesome meme. As an aside, don’t you feel sorry for kids growing up now who don’t know from Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd etc. Guns, things exploding, characters falling off cliffs…all things kids today miss understanding. For them, all tv characters get along, share, and are nice. Sad.

        2. Hmmmm, I can’t decide if I like the HD footage. There was something to the old grainy film. I used to sit cross-legged on the floor (when I could sit cross-legged!) like two feet from the tv and was engrossed in Saturday morning cartoons.

  7. It’s a great 1966 car. However, greatness is not a Andrew Cuomo quality. He will run, that’s a no brainer. It was in his mind to run in 2016 but Hillary beat him to the punch.

    1. Oh dear god in heaven. What is that? Gives us Italians with good taste a very bad name!!
      I guess they say for every house you only need one buyer. Hard to believe this one did. Those front doors and the Juliet balconies? No words.

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