I don’t think boycott is the right word but….

…..I AM fed up with professional athletes sitting during the National Anthem and ESPECIALLY fed up with the sick AF adoration of Colin Kaepernick by liberals.

Trump’s Friday night’s rebuke of NFL players who don’t stand caused a crazy crazy crazy frenzy of tweets all day Saturday. Did I say it was a crazy frenzy?? The usual subjects posting shi* included Chelsea Handler (duh). LeBron James chimed in too.

Some Maryland political type tweeted shi* too. Gross gross shi*. What is the matter with these people??

Meanwhile, all on the Right are screaming BOYCOTT THE NFL BOYCOTT THE NBA BOYCOTT ESPN.

I’m not sure how to make my statement. I want to make a statement, I do want to protest, not just the NFL, not just the NBA, not just ESPN, but also every company that sponsors The Ellen Show, including QVC who sells a line of her clothing merchandise. What Ellen said about Trump is plain and simply ignorant.

Then I saw this photo, from a tweet dated August 2016, by a veteran who lost both of his legs in war but who stated proudly that HE’D stand with pride during the Anthem for those who refuse.

What a proud day for America that this man fought for us and still stands for the flag.

I’m not sure how to make my statement but I think I’ll be better off using my disgust at the Left and USA haters by doing something good. Maybe personally help a veteran family in need? Maybe raise money for Trump 2020? Maybe buy the biggest damn American flag and Trump sign available and fly both from atop my roof??

I have to do something. I’m going crazy at how much the left hates normal things.

Last night someone created a riotous parody Twitter response by the owner of the NE Patriots to Trump’s comments but I can’t find it this morning. If anyone remembers seeing it, maybe about 9pm last night, post it in the comments. It was LOL funny.

Then there’s Hillary. There always Hillary.

I almost got physically sick reading her comment. Does she not know how stupid she is by telling we Trump voting women we are disrespecting ourselves? No words. No words.

Raise your hand if you’ll watch football as usual today. No problem for me if you will. This is not a litmus test to stay a blog reader. It’s a question borne out of curiosity. I love football too and I’d like to live to see a game the NY Giants can actually win, but I debate the merits of watching. The good news is Mr. Mara won’t tolerate players kneeling. The players know and respect that. But you know every TV channel will be focused only on the Anthem and will cut in with breaking news when whole teams choose to kneel.

Happy Sunday otherwise.

43 thoughts on “I don’t think boycott is the right word but….

  1. We talked about this as a family last night and we’ve decided not to watch NFL anymore, even if the team is a good one like the Giants. I think the financial pain won’t be felt until people who hold season tickets stop renewing or others stop buying game tickets. The pocketbook is the only way to punish the teams whose players find it acceptable to take a knee.

    As for Hillary, pay no heed to her ramblings.

  2. I’m a third generation Giants fan. We watch and go to Giants games as religiously as church. I can’t stop that because players on lesser teams choose to make a media name for themselves.

  3. There’s very little I dislike about Trump’s Twitter approach but his fight with athletes is wrong. He’s goading more players to kneel today and you know they will. That’ll embolden more lefties into calling him a white supremacist. It’s a vicious circle.

    I plan to watch football as usual. My wife by the way agrees with you that she’ll not shop at QVC while they carry an Ellen line.

    Hillary will be Hillary as long as her book promo tour lasts. I ignore it all.

  4. The Right has boycott fever. They want to boycott every TV show, every company, and every sports franchise. We’ll watch per usual, skipping the anthem scene.

  5. My dear departed husband was a huge Giants fan so I think he’d still be watching despite the outrage over players kneeling. The outrage for me isn’t so much the player kneeling but that the media (and Trump) have taken it to another strata. It’s out there for everyone to make ludicrous comments on both sides.

    I don’t believe boycotting is the answer. Something needs to change but not sure what the solution is.

    I’m going to Madison all day today so I won’t have to make the to watch or not to watch decision. It’s supposed to be close to 85 degrees today.

  6. Kraft put out a real comment last night for the Patriots. He was not too kind to Trump. I didn’t see any parody version.

    I’ll watch the Giants today, to see them lose again.

    1. The parody comment was over the top. Whoever did it might have been forced to take it down. It looked just like the real thing until sentence three or so, then whoa.

  7. almost every player took a knee at the game in London today. WSJ headline article uses word Escalates. Agree with commenters above who say Trump is on the wrong side of this battle, not because he’s wrong, but because the team members who hate him for his stance have millions of followers on their social media accounts.

        1. I saw a pic of Villanueva on twitter. Thank heavens someone has sense.

          I heard, but didn’t see, that ALL the Eagles stood and ALL the Giants stood. Is that correct?

  8. I get less interested in the NFL as time goes on. Probably a combination of being older, the players being younger and their level of self absorption and lack of perspective being magnified by today’s media, etc. In FL as well as CA, there are more interesting things to do on a Sunday afternoon than stay inside and watch football. However, this was a great way to spend cold and gloomy late autumn afternoons in the north.

    What I don’t get is as conscious of their brand as the NFL is, and knowing that all they care about is money; not their players, not the fans, that this same organization who micromanages what players can wear on their uniforms and how much celebrating they can do after a touchdown, allows something this divisive to fester and tarnish their brand. To me, standing for the national anthem is no different from the other rules they have. It is something you do. Is is part of your job. Period. End of story. If you don’t do it you are fined as for any other infraction.

    It defies logic that the NFL doesn’t try to make this issue go away in a way that serves their own interest.

    1. I confess, coming in from outside all day, I did turn on Fox to see who won the Eagles-Giants game.

      RDW, I think I read last week a major league baseball team is making Sarasota their new spring training HQ. Is that right?

      1. Well, yes, our tax dollars are building a complex and paying greenmail to bring the Atlanta Braves to Northport, a somewhat down market part of south Sarasota County. In Sarasota proper, we have the Baltimore Orioles spring training complex. I did not make it over there while they were in town this past spring, but it is supposed to be a nice experience; the facilities look nice when I drive by.

        I just finished an article in the current SRQ Magazine about how downtown Sarasota was rejuvenated by some financial hocus pocus as a Community Redevelopment Association starting in 1986. At that time, downtown merchants were on hard times. It succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

        This entire area is on fire, so if they can jump start development in Northport, as this is intended, it is a good thing.

  9. Those of us who grew up during or shortly after WW11 are saddened to see our athletes disrespect our nation’s flag. But what can we learn from this?
    Anger doesn’t help. Lashing out at others doesn’t help…. .
    What we should do is try to understand the ‘WHY.’ Our history books didn’t let us see the dark side
    of our history. Perhaps this is coming to roost now with a rage we have trouble understanding.
    So let us not revert to being ‘high and mighty’ This,too, shall pass and we will be better for it.

    1. I fear it won’t pass for a while LJ. The hate is foaming at the mouth. I plan to step away from TV sports for the near term. Even social media today is cray cray.

      1. Your decision is a good one for your peace of mind. Let’s all have a little adult refreshment this afternoon!

  10. I don’t get it. In my off time I would much prefer to be doing something rather than sitting around watching TV. I guess I’m a doer rather than a watcher. I’ve never understood why watchers want to sit around and watch doers do stuff. The icing on the cake is when the watchers get emotionally invested and neurotic about living vicariously through their TV. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

  11. This one is really hitting home for me. Football viewing, especially the Giants, is in my DNA. The Maras are good family friends, and I would love to share what John Mara did for my dad when he was dying of pancreatic cancer in 2012 (he died the day after they won the super bowl that year).
    But I’ve decided to no longer watch. The hatred from the left is, literally, making me ill. I truly feel that Obama had a lot to do with this. He lit the fire then poured fuel on it for eight years. Now it is raging out of control and won’t go out.
    Obama’s legacy is blind, wild hatred of all that is decent, all that is American.

    1. Shellebelle, your comment deserves a long response but I am already dressed at 5am and heading out the door for Delaware. I will be thinking of you today and will respond in kind when I get home. Thanks for sharing your story.


    2. Shelle: I thought of you all day yesterday, your comment really striking me as one of the core issues of this NFL mess. And mess it is. Last night, after Jerry Jones told fans that he’d fire anyone who kneeled, HE and HIS WHOLE team knelt. I didn’t see it live but I saw clips of it online this morning. I agree, that, and the hate from the left, is making everyone sick.

      I’m happy to know your dad lived to see the Giants win the Super Bowl and pleased that the Mara family was there for your father, but yes, I too think it’s time to cut the cord, leave the whole NFL to drown in their own insanity. Even Villenueva apologized for standing alone at the anthem. He apologized for standing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. I’m done.

      1. Your kind thoughts are so appreciated.
        And you truly seem to get that giving up on the NFL is no small thing. But, to my mind, they are attacking my beloved country! I cannot, will not let that stand.
        Please excuse the language, but they are taking a crap on my very soul.

  12. I’m with Shellebelle in saying the left hate is making me sick. It’s not just the NFL fiasco, it’s the impeach Trump stuff too.

    Ben Rothlesburger said he felt badly for not being on the field. I hope he’s not alone. And what did Coach Tomlinson say to Villanueva that made him apologize?

    I refuse to watch another NFL football game. Hopefully lots of others will do the same.

  13. Listened to French radio all weekend. (In Canada on biz.). So soothing. Understood one word/phrase in 20. No more NFL. No more CNN/Fox/Megan (yuck!) Kelly! No Mas!!! Om ….

    1. J’avais l’habitude de parler français couramment. Plus maintenant.

      Pence just swore in USA new ambassador to Canada. Kelly Knight Craft. CNN is trying to make this a bad thing…


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