In ‘Da House?!

There’s been a lot of speculation about Trump’s future in politics. Does he stay behind the scenes to raise money and endorse other candidates?

Does he throw his hat in the ring for POTUS 2024?

Or does he run for and win a seat in Congress from Florida in 2022? The Rs take back the House, they name Trump Speaker, and then he goes about to redefine the R party from the bottom up? The House Rs need much work to get rid of all the RINOs.

Personally, I think Trump would do the most for the party behind the scenes, vetting then endorsing non-RINO candidates, rallying for them, and raising money too.

I’m opposed to the idea of Trump running for President again. One, he’d be too old and two, we know full well what the Left is capable of when it comes to destroying Trump.

But, I do think it’s a reasonable idea for Trump to run for a seat in Congress. He’s assured a victory as his home county is deeply red. I don’t even think voter fraud would cancel his Florida chances. His seat in Congress would be a giant thorn in the sides of Dems, and If If If, a very big IF, the Rs take back the House, Pelosi would be out of office. She’ll never be out of power tho because I think Pelosi wields more power in politics than anyone currently holding office. She’s diabolical in her methods, demands 100% cooperation, and succeeds 99% of the time.

I have not seen much footage of Trump’s speech in North Carolina, only snippets, but I did hear that the Left was obsessing over whether Trump had his trousers on backwards. They called it The No Fly Zone Speech. Yes, that’s what the Left is concerned about. Not open borders. Not Kamala. Not inflation. Not Biden’s lack of foreign policy. And no mention of DDay by Biden yesterday. No mention. 🤬

Gorgeous Monday after a long hot weekend. Granddaughter had lacrosse tourney in New Jersey in 102 degree heat. It was unbearable.

Busy week ahead. Meeting at tile store and also final meeting to select all the sinks, faucets, tubs, and terlits. Who knew a toilet could cost $900? I got bids from both Best Plumbing Supply and Ferguson. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Similar looking items but Ferguson carries brands that are more affordable. Lots of tough choices.

Happy Monday.

3 thoughts on “In ‘Da House?!

    1. I’d be very very happy with DeSantis!! Very. To think he almost lost the Florida Governor race.

  1. Is Trump’s home county Palm Beach? If so that would make it a Democratic stronghold.

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