It Could Be $100 and It Still Wouldn’t Make a Difference!

The US Post Office has announced yet another postage stamp rate increase come August, to 58c. Their logic, the increase is to offset falling revenues as volumes drop.

Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.

I’m just looking for MY mail to be put in MY mailbox. That’s all. I don’t ask for much. Oh yes, I forgot, I do kinda expect when I mail something the recipient actually gets it.

The Case of The Missing Valentine Cards is still unresolved. Mailed on Sunday January 31 into the outside mailbox at the Mount Kisco Post Office, before the huge snow storm hit Monday February 1, I figured I was way ahead of the curve to assure my cards would arrive in California in plenty of time before February 14. Ha ha. Ha ha. They obviously got hijacked, someone thinking there might be money in the cards I bet. Or, like 2020 Trump ballots, my cards probably got dumped along the side of a road somewhere. I’ll never know. Not the end of the world, for sure, but certainly not a reason to increase the rates.

I happen to think the real cause for the postal service falling revenue is Amazon. Amazon Prime to be exact. And paperless billing. I’d say I pay 90% of my bills online, opting out of a paper bill mailed to me.

I can go three days without gathering what’s in my mailbox and still only find junk. Grocery store flyers. Houlihan Lawrence Look What’s Sold In Your Neighborhood post cards, AARP solicitations, and business cards of landscapers and housekeepers.

I’m not sure the post office can actually survive, no matter the cost of a stamp. A Priority envelope is about $7.95, a huge hunk of change IMHO, and although Priority USED to mean two-day, it’s not guaranteed two-day, only maybe, kinda, good luck with that.

I now use FedEx and/or UPS when I need to get something anywhere. It’s not any less expensive, probably more costly than USPS, but the likelihood of arrival is pretty close to 100%.

Maybe rather than running for another political office, Trump should buy and save the USPS. Why not?


2 thoughts on “It Could Be $100 and It Still Wouldn’t Make a Difference!

  1. Just yesterday I went to the PO to mail a birthday gift. Slightly larger than a shoebox, weighing less that 2 lbs. & going from NC to RI cost $12.80 – priority 4 days. Seems like mediocre service at a premium price. I’m so old I remember 1st class stamps selling for 3 cents & postcards costing a penny. Two deliveries per day around Christmas back when everyone sent out cards.

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