šŸŽ¶Greeeeeeeeen Acres We Are TherešŸŽ¶

Aaah country life. No traffic. No crime. Neighbors gather for pot luck suppers. No complaints.

Until one neighbor gets a rooster!!

Alllllllllll night and nonstop alllllllllllll this morning the damn rooster has been crowing. Doesnā€™t he get hoarse?

The rooster I hear near me, not sure which neighbor, sounds more like a sick goat than a crow but if it were a sick animal I think someone would have called animal control.

Granted itā€™s not a loud barking dog but I gotta say, the crowing has gotten under my skin. Maybe you chicken owners can tell me if the constant rooster crowing is normal. I thought it was a morning thing, a wake up call. What would make a rooster crow all day?

On the bright side, I guess I have a neighbor from whom I can buy fresh eggs.

8 thoughts on “šŸŽ¶Greeeeeeeeen Acres We Are TherešŸŽ¶

  1. That neighbor should be GIVING you those eggs. Hell, that neighbor should be making you omelettes!

    1. Iā€™ve heard tales of woe from suburban families where a neighbor gets the obligatory chicken coop but Iā€™m pretty damn rural and it still bothers me. I havenā€™t decided if Iā€™m bothered by the crowing because Iā€™m old and am being a cranky pants or if itā€™s annoying for everyone listening to it.

  2. Probably a young rooster if heā€™s warbly and croaky. They practice a lot when young and he will quiet down a bit as he settles into his voice. I personally love roosters and the sound of their crows! They have wonderful personalities!

    1. I would have said the same thing ā€œthat I love roosters and the sound of their crowsā€.. until last night.

  3. …a neighbor from whom I can buy fresh eggs.

    Not unless this guy has distaff company. And if he doesn’t, maybe that’s why the poor feller spends the whole day crowing: he’s lonely in his cage aux fowl!

    1. Very funny, and very good point!!

      I ran into another neighbor at Shoprite this morning and she said ā€œare you hearing the roosterā€? Oh yes, yes I am!

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