Geeking Out Over a Mudroom!

I’ve never had a real deal mudroom. Our current house has the worlds worst drop off your coat space. A set of hooks behind a door and another set of hooks on the wall going into the laundry room. No place for snow boots or wet gloves or umbrellas.

Now I will.

The plan calls for one end to be glass vestibule before coming into the actual mudroom.

Something, but not exactly, like this. But pretty close. Now the UPS driver can drop off boxes inside the vestibule or the mailman can put a parcel in there too. For now, any oversize delivery from the mailman sits at the front door, albeit under an overhang, but nothing covered or protected from wind or sideways rain. Ask me if I know what happens to unattended mail left that way!!

The actual mudroom cabinetry won’t be chosen until the space is built (even though the architect spec’d some cabinetry, I told him just to throw things in and then I’ll see what the space needs once it’s built.)

I’m thinking I want a landing ledge for when I come in from the all new ATTACHED garage (only had one of those once before!) and want to drop something down.

Definitely want plenty of closed storage. Who needs to see ratty boots or coats?

This is my favorite look although I’m really not a basket person. I’ve been a basket case, but I’m not one to place baskets around the house for things.

To say I’ve been saving photos and room ideas for a long time is a slight understatement. 😂😂

Binders Full of Ideas

A dutch door is going in somewhere too and I had the definitive photo saved, but can I find it now??? No.

PS: Cablevision up and running. I was on the phone this morning for THREE HOURS with a tech who basically started over. The two previous techs and the remote assistance to get the boxes registered and working went nowhere. Finally. Done.

8 thoughts on “Geeking Out Over a Mudroom!

  1. I took our mud room in the prior house for granted. It was just a stone-floored glass room, but it was enough. And as much as I love our funny house on the creek, it has no mud room. And we have mud. And a (usually) muddy wet puppy. Oh how I will be living vicariously through your blog. Very exciting!

    1. While we no longer have dogs, we do have little muddy and snowy feet bounding into the house after jumping through puddles or sledding, hoping Grandma made hot chocolate. Also the men in the family tend to have stinky sneakers and work boots. It’s nice when those stay out of the main part of the house. 🙊

      This renovation and addition is a big deal for us. We talked for months about the pros and cons. Do we bail? Do we finally have the house we’ve always wanted? The latter won out, over lots of 🥃, if I remember correctly!! 😂

  2. I agree with you, baskets are currently ‘in’ so they are everywhere, but the pictures with the actual drawers look better. Plus the baskets themselves will get dirty and tattered soon, with the ‘muddy, snowy feet & stinky sneakers & boots’. Whereas the drawers will be looking good for much longer.

    1. Baskets, to me way of thinking, are for laundry. Period. Anything else, especially if the baskets are as big and deep in the photo I used, everything would be a jumbled mess and get lost in a sea of other gloves or ski hats or whatever. #NoBaskets

  3. A mud room is a highly personal space. You want it to be nice but not so pretty that it’s hard to keep it up. A bench to sit on while removing muddy, wet footwear and a boot tray so the drips won’t land on the floor. A few hooks on which to hang wet jackets. A pretty umbrella stand. Closed cabinets. Maybe an open shelf or two but I wouldn’t want to dust them. One of those water hog mats from Bean’s. I tend towards practical because I have no decorating talent whatsoever. Think about your and others’ habits. Include the ledge because you’ll use it. I’d as easily toss a jacket on a chair as hang it up. A dear friend would immediately open a closet door and put the jacket on a hanger.
    I have a Dutch door and love it. Hope you find a spot for one.

    1. The new mudroom will be the new default entrance for family. I want it to have some character, some pizazz. I’ve labored over the floor tiles there as it will set the tone as you enter the rest of the house. Agree I don’t want the Mudroom too pretty but I want it up a notch from ordinary. The mats and hooks will come last but are for sure on the shopping list. Thanks for your input.

      PS: The plan is for the Dutch door to be the door into the mudroom after the vestibule door. Our original front door here was a Dutch door but when we redid that part of the house, we got a new front door. That Dutch door became the new front door at the RI carriage house. Winning!

  4. Weirdly I was also looking at mudroom porn today. I am renovating my tiny converted barn and adding what I am calling an “elevated” mudroom that will be the main entrance, about 180sf (currently I have a teeny vestibule). It needs to be highly functional but pretty and consistent with the house being an antique barn. Built in bench/window seat, closet, powder room, stone floors (or, if I go broke, wood), with a standing seam copper shed roof. If you haven’t already, check out the architect Gil Shafer – way, way out of my league price wise but has some astoundingly beautiful mudrooms. I saved at least three or four images.

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