It Would Help If I Knew How I Want to Use the New Pantry!

Such a non-problem, I know, but having a walk-in pantry for the first time is as big a deal as having a mudroom. The issue I’m having is trying to decide what I intend to put IN the pantry.

We don’t shop at Costco for the two of us so it won’t be filled with 100 rolls of paper towels. I DO have lots of pretty china of my own and some I inherited from my mother. I do have a myriad of appliances I don’t use regularly, so I know for sure I want easy access storage for those things, like the KitchenAid Mixer that gets hauled out at Christmas and Thanksgiving. The crockpot. The many coffee makers.

Do I want all covered storage, or mostly open shelves? Do I want the bar sink in there and liquor storage too? Will all the bar glassware go in there or should I carve out a new space in the kitchen for the bar sink and counter? I can do that by making the pantry a tad smaller but if I can put the bar sink in the pantry, I think that would be better served.

Will I put the cereals and pasta boxes in there, and the jars of sauce and rices?

I won’t be putting any microwave or bar refrigerator in the pantry but otherwise, this pantry seems to have both closed and open storage.

The photos above had a hard time uploading and for whatever reason seem to think they are ONE photo, IOW in trying to edit the photo from Sapia Builders, it deleted that whole bock of pix. I get it, it’s Monday!

Like the mudroom, I’ll likely wait until the physical space of the pantry is in place before eying what will fit and what’s too much to fit in.

My mom had a linen pantry, drawers with large spools in it for big linen tablecloths to be rolled for storage. Talk about a dream. I’m old enough that I have lots of linen tablecloths, many I inherited from my grandmother!! They get folded in tissue paper and kept in a cabinet.

Happy Monday. The storm last night was amazing. California child called early to say they got much needed rain for the first time in months. Here, I think we’ve had our fill.

9 thoughts on “It Would Help If I Knew How I Want to Use the New Pantry!

  1. I like the last one – display space for the things you want to show and cabinets for all the other stuff you don’t.

  2. I agree with Susie, covered space mostly & glass fronted for your nice china. Covered will keep the dust to a minimum, which I think will add to the convenience rather than detract. If you are putting the bar sink in there, you might consider a stand alone ice maker (if you use ice in drinks frequently) with the plumbing for the sink running a line & electric for the ice machine should be a breeze. (Famous last words).

    1. All good thoughts. I tend to like things stashed away than displayed, so I expect I’ll choose more closed doors cabinetry than open shelving.

      I’m unsure about an ice machine. The friends I know who have them don’t like the sounds they seem to constantly make. My parents had one that drove my mother to drink it was so loud. I’ll look at them though because I don’t want to later regret not putting one in.

  3. Do you want a pantry or a butler’s pantry? Combination? Growing up, we had both. My walk in pantry now is a pantry with open shelves. I didn’t see the point of more doors to open once I’m in the pantry. Seldom used roasting pans and other such stuff are on top shelves. Occasionally used appliances have an accessible shelf. The rest of the shelves have canned goods and canisters for flour, sugar, etc.. I also keep a small bag of tools, extra batteries in there. The pantry is for convenient storage and not at all to be seen. We do shop at Costco which might make a difference.
    If you have an area in the family or living room for a small bar with nice cabinetry, Could you put a bar sink and under the counter fridge there?
    I have loads of fine china which require hand washing and linens which require careful laundering. Haven’t used any in years and not because I lack a butler’s pantry. To me, they’re white elephants.
    It just occurred to me that the rarely used items could be stored in the mud room. Then, you can have have a very attractive, open pantry with closed cabinets for food stuffs, a bar sink, glass cabinets for ‘good’ china and bar glasses, drawers for whatever you want to put in them. There may even be room for a dishwasher and small fridge. Too fancy to be called a pantry. I’m sure there’s some name for it.
    The point is, think about how you work, what you like at hand and what would meet those needs.
    Go from there.

    1. I’d like all three. A butler’s pantry. A regular pantry. And a wet bar area. I don’t have that option. If I can make the pantry a combination of butler and regular, I can carve out space in the family room for a wet bar. I don’t know. Thankfully the construction starts at the end of the house where the mudroom, kitchen and pantry will be first built so I can determine f a separate car area is right or wrong for the rooms.

  4. I like the last photo best if you have room for it. I also like the one in the historic blue paint.
    Can you tell I’m having fun with your renovation?

    1. Don’t get me started on paint. I’ve saved hundreds of photos of painted cabinetry. Some high gloss. Some dark blue, true navy. So much to decide.

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