Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut. Sometimes You Feel Like a WalMart

Easy shot from the apartment to this Norwalk Walmart. Pretty grungy Walmart if you ask me. Homeless woman at the entrance asking for money. If you zoom in to the photo above, you’ll see her under the white blanket.

Parking lot was packed and the parking spaces were designed with little cars in mind. I parked next to a Greenwich mom in her Mercedes SUV and she too grumbled about how narrow the spaces are. Oh well. No harm. No foul.

I had a list of oddball things I needed for the apartment, things that I actually already own but, in the frenzy of the movers packing up, got sent to storage and not to the apartment.

Like all my everyday dinner dishes. Packed up when I wasn’t paying attention!

The two cooking pans for my Breville toaster oven, a round pizza pan and a square broiler like pan. Got packed.

Table lamps. I hauled three to the apartment but I find I need a fourth. The apartment has no overhead lights in the living room or bedroom.

Then, because I’m minus my big kitchen office space, I need small scale stackable file holders and some cork board option that doesn’t get nailed into the wall. We brought no artwork with us because we didn’t want to fill holes when we leave.

I checked out the book and magazine aisle first. Saw no book on your list of recommendations and the magazines were a strange assortment too. Bob Ross magazine? Metallica magazine? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I checked out the DVD aisle too. Nothing I heard of and nothing I’d buy.

I did get most things on my list. Wasn’t in the store more than 40 minutes.

And that $15/hr wage thingie…only ONE actual cashier line was open. One out of about 25. The self check out lanes were the default.

I’m heading to Bedford from here for two quick errands. Then to West Harrison, via the library.

23 thoughts on “Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut. Sometimes You Feel Like a WalMart

    1. I get it. The problem is the older Walmart’s are just that, old. This one looked in its original state.
      The big new SuperWalmarts are bright and decent to navigate. I’ve only been in a couple of those and that was when I was on a road trips.

  1. Are masks required at Walmart again? I was one of two customers without a mask at King’s grocery store yesterday. One step forward, two back.

    1. Very few customers were masked. I do think the employees were tho. Yes, now that I think about it, employees were masked.

  2. One of the first Wally Worlds I’ve ever been in was the one in Norwalk, CT. I had a friend in high school who lived in a housing ‘project.’ Same smell: heavy duty cleaner and I think roach spray?
    Fast forward a few decades and head west, you find stores with tree lined parking lots, flourishing garden centers, grocery sections that compete with traditional supermarkets (won’t eat their meat though), staff that stop you in the aisle and ask if you need anything, etc…
    Some areas of the country look down on WalMart, while others, who probably grew up having to literally drive 100s of miles for everything, truly appreciate the convenience of having a huge store within an hour or so drive.
    They’re not perfect by any means, but if I have 2 choices, I’ll send my money to the Waltons instead of the bald little spaceman Bezos.

    1. What would you guess the vintage is of the Norwalk Walmart? 1980s? Before?
      Agree 200% about the farther west WallyWorld’s. I remember being in the middle of nowhere western North Carolina, needing a rain jacket, and for sure, up there road, a giant shiny Super WalMart, grocery store and all.

      If you’re ever in Arkansas, a trip to the Walton’s hometown and Walmart world headquarters, Bentonville, is well worth the effort to get there. The Walton’s funded Crystal Bridges art gallery is beautiful and the town of Bentonville is quite charming. I do think the Walton Family is the Left end zone politically. Is it Alice who’s the matriarch now? I believe she’s a progressive. Don’t take my word tho. I could be mis-mis-mis-wrong!! 😉

      1. I would take a guess that Norwalk can’t be more than 25. But I don’t know squat.
        These days I’m sure all our betters are progs in one way or another, it’s just a matter of the least of all evils (which is only a feel good idea anyway).

      2. I think the Norwalk Walmart is no earlier than the 90s, maybe even the late 90s. Previously, a Bradlees or Caldor was there, I think. I get those two prole department stores confused.

    1. I have the Breville Smart Oven Pro. Not with the Air Fryer option. Pros and cons. Good when they work. Great for toast, bagels, English muffins. Great for reheating or cooking for one. Pizza is good in there too.
      Cons. They glitch often. This is the second one we’ve had. The first just stopped working. No warning. It wasn’t old. I rarely turn the big oven on anymore if it’s one or two of us.

      1. I’ve had a Breville smart oven for 6 or 7 years. The only thing it doesn’t do well is toast! Otherwise, it’s the best darn small appliance ever. It’s used daily. Heats up quickly. The thermostat is accurate. I have no idea if it’s ‘smart’ because I know I’m smart enough to figure out how to use a toaster oven. The big oven is rarely turned on. If I need a big oven for roasting, I use a Weber more often than not.

        1. For me, the toasting grade depends on what I’m toasting. English muffins. A+. Sliced bread. C+. Leaves stripes rather than a full covered toast.

          You’re lucky you didn’t get one of the units that simply burn out. If you follow the link I added to Breville the reviews make mention of the burning out problem. Otherwise, I agree, it’s an indispensable appliance.

  3. Did you lunch at the Chick-fil-A next door to WallyWorld? We pop up there often from Greenwich.

    1. There’s a Chick-fil-A next door?? I. Did. Not. Know. That. Yes, I would have gone in. I love me some Chick-fil-A!!!!!

      1. The Chick-fil-A is farther down the street, on the other side past the Popeye’s.

        1. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to scout it out next time I’m on that street in Norwalk. Norwalk was always a headache to get to from Bedford. Now I hop on 287 to 95 and I’m there in 20 minutes but I gotta say I hate hate hate I-95 with a passion. There’s major construction on now at the convergence of 287 and 95, plus the trucks. Soooo many trucks. I could hop the Merritt to Norwalk. Maybe I’ll do that next time.

  4. If you use the Merritt to get to Norwalk, there is the other Norwalk Walmart up the street from the exit. I think it is slightly better run, cleaner, better stocked & the last time I was there still had cashiers. No chick fil A though. There may be a Panera.

      1. Ooooh, I’m glad I told you. It would have been a shame if you Merritted up to Norwalk then wended your way all the way through Norwalk when there was a Walmart two blocks up from the Merritt exit. (A possibility since you would head southish to get to the old Walmart & northish to get to the other one). Check it out on Google Maps, I’m sure they can make more sense than I. 🙂

  5. The walmart on route 1 in Norwalk used to be a Bradlees back in the day. I think the walmart on route 7 used to be a caldors, but I’m not positive. I remember the walmart on route 7 used to be so much nicer than the one on route one…. Times change!

    1. I’m still amazed that there are two Walmart stores in one Connecticut town. For when I’m in Bedford and want a Walmart fix I have to go eat the hell up and over to Mohegan Lake, almost Cortlandt. PITA to get to.

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