I’m Curious About The Woman in the Background..

Yes, the Obama Birthday party was big, no one wore a mask, no social distancing, no media is talking about it, they got their marching orders, but this photo caught my attention because the woman in the background, in the black top is pointing her finger. It’s funny as hell.

Is she saying the bathroom is outside?? Is she saying see, there IS another white person, over there!

You’re up. You can do better than I.

PS: JUST got a call from Cablevision tech. He’s 15 minutes away. He was told the appointment window was all day.

15 thoughts on “I’m Curious About The Woman in the Background..

  1. “…and remember that I told you black puka shells are the next big thing…”

    1. Doesn’t he!? The man’s ego is out of control. But all those ladies, and so many men too, think he walks on water. They adore Barack.

  2. She’s a Kennedy and she’s complaining that she ordered a drink from that black fella and all’s he’s doin is walkin around posing for pictures. “You just can’t find good help these days.”
    Orrrrrr, “Tell me again which one is Big Mike?”

    1. Winner!
      I wonder if Caroline Kennedy was at
      the party. Logic says she made it to the guest list. I laughed that David Letterman was axed.

        1. I read that Nancy didn’t make the cut!!! One post I read said Nancy was staying at the Katama resort Winnetu where Friday’s bash was. I don’t believe for a minute that she’d lower her standards to stay at a condo resort. Plus I don’t believe for a second she’d deign to be on the Vineyard. Doesn’t seem her style.

        2. Nice couple from Connecticut posing with Nancy. Is the woman wearing a snippet from old LEGGS pantyhose?? And the guy told Nancy to keep the Republicans in check??? Help us all.

          Best part of Nancy attending service at St. Elizabeth? The church is across the street from the Dukes County Courthouse where The “Ly-on” of the Senate, Ted Kennedy stood and said “I did not have sex with that woman I left to drown, MaryJo”.
          What Dem would need a fundraiser on MVY? There’s no R running!! Nancy got cut. Ha ha.

        3. I’m secretly thrilled they weren’t New Yorkers. They easily could have been. So nice to see that couple still dresses up for church! 🙃

          PS: turning phone off for night so any new comments posted won’t get approved until morning. I usually keep phone on but I’ve been Sleepless in West Harrison for days. I need a night of solid zzzzzzzzs. Mañana.

  3. Sleepless in West Harrison does not sound all that romantic. Let’s hope you’ve not unknowingly become electronic penpals with the neanderthal down the hall.

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