One for Ewe. One for Me.

When I left the Norwalk Walmart I hopped on 95 South for Old Greenwich, to the needlepoint store reader Old Timer knows and loves, The Village Ewe.

First of all, how the HELL do you OG residents stand the traffic and the crazy women trying to park every which way to Sunday???? Lord, I thought I was going to die. I came in from 95 so I was across the street from the shop and as you can hear in the tone of my writing, parking on this stretch of road took all the patience God gave me. I saw a couple people in front of me turn into what must be the CVS parking lot and too late did I think yes, that would be smart. I had to turn around to get one of the drive in spaces at the store so I did what every good New Yorker would do, I made an illegal uTurn at the crosswalk over to the school. Easy peasy.

Some giant Lincoln SUV was backing out of a space exactly in front of the Ewe, so I stopped and waited for her to back out but her vehicle was so big, she couldn’t get all the way out of the space unless I backed up a skooch. But I had an antsy kid behind me in a Jeep. I had no choice but to hope the Lincoln could manage. She did. Phew.

Once I realized I’d survived the Great OG Parking Caper, I went inside and found a fabulous array of canvasses and yarn. I came only for yarn because the new canvas I have came from an online store in Florida but I wanted to pick out the fibers in person.

I can’t show you the canvas because it could very well be a gift for someone who reads this blog. I gotta keep some surprises.

Fun time in the shop though. I’m stitching with silk fibers and even some bouclé. Let’s see if I can finish this project. It’s intimidatingly large. FYI. It’s neither the bug one or the lobster brick cover. I did order both of those but I bought a third. Design secret. Shhh.

Leaving the store and backing out of the space proved equally challenging as coming in. No one was interested in letting me back out as no one wanted the space. I saw a quick opening and went for it. I’m home. Yay me!

9 thoughts on “One for Ewe. One for Me.

  1. Very hard to find a parking spot in OG. I had an appointment this morning and left my car at the service station (Sound Beach, owned by great patriot veteran brothers, Pete and Joe) for an oil change. I was so happy to leave my car rather than find a parking spot! A lot of women in Greenwich drive cars way too big for them to properly navigate. Not being sexist, just calling it as I see it. Had I known you were going to visit the Ewe (beautiful yarn colors!), I’d have suggested you duck into the new butcher shop just a few doors down. Pricy, but very good.

    1. I can see where a Mini Cooper would be the ideal car for OG. You’re a smart woman. Yes, tons of Suburbans and Tahoes. But my car isn’t teeny so I suppose I’m no better than the other big car ladies.

      I saw the butcher shop sign and had we still be living large in Bedford with a back yard and a bbq, I would have gone in! I expect to leave this apartment without ever turning the oven on and cooking as little as I can get away with.

  2. One day, right from where that pic was taken, I was walking to pick my kids up at OG elementary.
    There was this frantic mom who was rushing around her mini van trying to load kids and such. Thinking she’s done, she hits the auto-close-sliding-van-doors, then she gets in the drivers seat, and immediately starts to battle the traffic she’s backing into.
    Meeeeeeaaanwhile, before she managed to close the doors, one of her little hellions escaped (luckily toward the sidewalk, not traffic). I stopped the kid and said hang on while I casually waved to mom hoping to get her attention. When she finally saw me out of the corner of her eye, I pointed down and said (more mouthing than yelling, hoping to not embarrass her): “is this your kid?”
    She was so pissed she almost forgot to put the van in park and never thanked me.
    Maybe I ruined her plans?
    Definitely confirmed my long held strategy to park waaaaaaay away and walk to school.

    1. What a story!!!! I find 99% of people don’t say thank you or excuse me, although one nice driver let me into the left lane I didn’t know I needed to be in until the last minute. I gave “the thanks wave”, another nicety that maybe only half the drivers I encounter do. I always give the wave. On occasion it’s a one fingered wave but usually a full regal queen like wave of thanks.

      As for Old Greenwich, it’s a beautiful little town. Lots of really nice mom and pop stores. Families can walk their children to school. To the train station. I can see how the town draws buyers but this hick really struggled with the density.

      1. I loved my few years in OG. It can be beautiful and peaceful and hell on Earth. Quite diverse.
        I recently learned a new technique from the Mrs concerning rude people: While standing in line at Trader Joe’s some old windbag not paying attention smashed her cart right into my wife’s hip. So hard it made her jump because she thought she was being attacked. The blabber mouthing old hag (she was going on and on with the manager about delivery schedules for sustainable, non dairy, flavorless ice cream or some such crap and not paying attention to where she was pushing her loaded cart) tries to give the old “oh, I’m sorry, are you alright?” And the Mrs just stared her down and never responded, eventually just turning away as the woman ran out of the store. I loved it! My wife said she wasn’t making any kind of statement with her silence, she just couldn’t think of anything to say beyond “you’re not sorry enough to look where you’re going” so she said nothing.
        I’m definitely going to try it out, maybe throw in a real confused head tilt.

        1. I find myself doing that confused head tilt every twenty minutes or so when I’m out in public. Sometimes I think I’m the serial killer in that Geico ad.

  3. You hit on the right answer. I live in OG & even if there are available spots I won’t take one but will park behind the CVS in the municipal parking lot. Getting a spot is not the worse, backing out into the traffic is what makes me accept the small walk from the parking lot with a smile.

    1. Like many newer cars today mine is equipped with back up cameras do I could see who I was about to hit backing out!! For sure I’ll park behind the CVS next time but I’m needing a couple days for my nerves to quiet down after yesterday’s parking hot mess. What’s funny is I have no trouble driving and parking in NYC. OG unnerved me. 😵‍💫

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