Jimmies v. Sprinkles

The granddaughters came over for a short visit after their dinner and we had some vanilla ice cream with these yummy bits on top!

Are you Team Jimmies or Team Sprinkles? Or, for that matter, are there other regional words you use for these?? IMW2K.

For the record, we’re a solid Team Jimmies.

23 thoughts on “Jimmies v. Sprinkles

  1. EOS: Rainbows have been hyjacked by the left. You must now refer to multi-colored sprinkles as “inclusive”. Sorry, but new rules. Comply.
    And we don’t approve of throw-away Dixie wear as it harms the earth and is responsible for climate change. I don’t even want to address the term “Dixie”. Are you still using plastic straws as well?

    1. Scarily many liberals would agree with every word you said!

      Jimmies has had its own round of cancel culture because someone said Jimmies was a reference to Jim Crow! 🙄🙄🙄

      There’s nothing left on the planet that the left hasn’t destroyed.

      1. Nothing left? Iran, Afghanistan and China would beg to differ. Their factories of human misery are stronger and better than ever thanks to O’Biden.

  2. Like James Taggert on that other blog, I try to hone my liberal chops. The way things are going, it might be a life-saving skill to appear to adhere.

  3. I wonder if it is a regional thing?
    I never even knew there was another name for jimmies. I grew up in Texas, but my mom grew up in Massachusetts and always called them jimmies.
    And.. In Texas when asking for ice cream.. we would call them “dips” instead of “scoops”..
    “I’ll have 2 dips of chocolate mint please”
    First time I said 2 dips in CT it was very confusing for the ice cream store scooper.. 😂

    1. Regional words are so fascinating. Never heard of dips myself. My Iowa friends say “pop” for soda and “sack” for a paper bag. Rhode Islanders ask for a “cabinet” instead of milkshake, although the original cabinet was a coffee milk drink.

  4. I’m from CT and remember calling them shots as in “I’ll have a scoop of vanilla with chocolate shots please.”

  5. Grew up in Rye and they were always sprinkles no matter the color/flavor.
    Jimmies is a New England term for them and I think it has to do with the Jimmy Fund.

    1. Interesting. I honestly can’t remember the first time I had Jimmies/sprinkles on ice cream. As a kid in the 1950s, and teen in the early ‘60s, I have no recollection of asking for those bits on my ice cream. I do remember once I moved to Martha’s Vineyard, every movie had an usher collect money for the Jimmy Fund. I didn’t know the fund had anything to do with the sprinkles.

      1. Here’s one bloggers story on the history of the Jimmie. I don’t know this story is true but it founds plausible.

        “……….certain areas of the country commonly refer to sprinkles bear as “jimmies,” but why? Well, one story goes that in the 1920’s, an entrepreneur by the name of Samuel Born started the Just Born candy company in Brooklyn, NY. The name of this company may sound unfamiliar–but do Peeps, Hot Tamales, and Mike & Ike’s ring a bell? These candies are, among many others, signature treats that have come out of the Just Born candy company. In 1930, a worker at the company, James Bartholemew (known as “Jimmy” to his co-workers) operated the machine that created Born’s newest invention: tiny, sugary candy toppings. As the story goes, Born decided to name the invention after its producer, and thus the name “jimmies” was born, and is still a trademarked name today.”

        1. What a great find. Interesting the article says the word Jimmies is trademarked. I’m surprised to read that. I wonder if it’s true. If do them no one rise could use the world without using the ®️?

  6. Sprinkles, never jimmies the chocolate ones were called chocolate sprinkles & after reading DJ’s linked article I am horrified to find ‘sprinkles’ & ‘chocolate sprinkles’ are the approved politically correct terms. But since I think I learned my terms from my Mom & she predates the Just Born candy company, it leads me to believe that the candy author Beth Kimmerle is probably right, and calling chocolate sprinkles jimmies was just a way to brand an already existing product. By the way, I do remember other kids calling them shots like Disguested says.

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